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We all know that starting a business is risky. You are sailing on unknown waters, and any storm can destroy you. With these tips, the waters are less unknown.

These tips will guide you in avoiding costly HR errors. It will help you save money, lessen the risks, and speed up the growth of your small business.

1. Evaluate Employees

Evaluate your employees regularly. Monitor and keep track of the quality of work that your employees deliver. As a small business, people still don’t see you as a big name in the industry that has been trusted by many generations from way back.

People will only see the performance of your business. Evaluating your employees will help in establishing a good reputation for your business. HR evaluation will help you know how well you are doing.

It will also help you spot errors and know when you must implement changes for the overall growth and progress of your business.

2. Develop and Reward Employees

Develop your employees. Remember, you are the boss, and they are working for you. You must guide them and improve them the best way you can. You’re in this together.

You must reward them also. Rewards motivate employees. Rewards give employees clearer goals to work toward, inspiring them and causing them to produce better work. You can give rewards through certificates, gifts, or Best Employees of the Week chart.

3. Employee Handbook Is Outdated (or Non-existent)

Sometimes, the error in a small business is an outdated (or non-existent) employee handbook. An employee handbook should include everything that you expect and wish from a perfect employee. You must distribute this employee handbook among all of your employees.

Make it as accessible as possible to the whole human resources team.

4. Don’t Delay in Hiring Good Talented Interns

Despite what everybody says that everyone should have a second chance and people can improve when it comes to talent, you have to admit one thing: some people have no talent, and some people have talent.

As a small business, be prepared to receive applications from untalented candidates. This does not mean the talented candidates will not find you, though. Always be on the lookout for good talented interns.

Prioritize Good talents over the ordinary ones. Get them into your workforce before your rival company gets hold of them.

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5. Performance Issues Aren’t Documented

Always document performance issues. By documenting performance issues of employees, you can easily correct them. The documentation of performance issues is also important for termination.

You have to admit it, sometimes, there is no solution other than the termination of a certain employee. Documentation of performance issues of the terminated employee can prevent further problems.

6. Mind the Compensation

Work on the compensation benefits for your employees. Do thorough research on the laws that govern workers ‘compensation benefits. Do not assume that research about compensation and what you already know is enough, though.

Consult with a workers’ compensation attorney to be well-informed in this tricky area of running a business.

7. The Hiring Process Is Overly Hasty

Improve your hiring process. Take time to provide detailed job descriptions and requirements in your job postings. Answer new employees’ questions clearly. State clearly what you expect of your employees.

8. Not Providing Proper Training

Provide proper training for your employees. This prepares them for being more of a good and valuable addition to your business than they already are.

9. Get a Good Attorney

Sometimes, you will have no choice other than to fire an employee. It’s part of running a good business. Sometimes, though, the employee fires back. A simple and correct termination can result in a business catastrophe that is a lawsuit. A lawsuit can easily get rid of your business because you are just a small business.

Instead of lessening the terminations in your business out of fear of this event, invest in a good lawyer. Be prepared for the worst by hiring a good lawyer who can save your business.

We learn different tricks on our own. What are the ways to avoiding costly HR errors that you learned in your business journey?

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