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The resume can be a difficult thing for many to tackle. There’s a lot of space and you don’t want to fill it with job descriptions from a long time ago or every detail of your early education.

Look over your resume and look at the points we list below.

How many of them can you say you possess? How do you tick all the boxes?

There are 2 things that employers really want to see in prospective hires. They want to know that you have the skills to adapt to different tasks. They also want to see that you have the traits that make for an indispensable team member.

1. IT Skills

Starting with a biggie, to begin with. Not every job has a need of a computer whiz.

However, IT skills are hugely versatile. They might just need to rely on the fact you know how to use a computer for communication or organisation purposes.

In an office environment, most of the daily tasks we don are reliant on the use of a computer. IT skills can be a daunting thing to acquire if you have none. All the same, there are hundreds of courses available, like those from Training Connection, Udemy or Lynda. Thanks to the Internet, you can acquire most IT skills from the comfort of your home.

You can learn how to design websites, create graphics, troubleshooting computers, Networking, Programming,etc. Everything is available to you at through your computer.

2. Enthusiasm

Now for something a little less concrete. Employer like to see enthusiasm or passion from their employees.They want to see that passion is something that you take to the job. Working in a field you’re passionate about will help that big time. Beyond that, it’s a matter of self-image and what you want to accomplish in your daily life. You have to be the kind of person who can care about the things you do day-in and day-out. Being able to motivate yourself is key.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

At the end of the day every single job solves some type of problem. An Accountant solves accounting problems ; a Salesperson solves revenue problems; a Marketing Specialist solves demand generation problem.

If you notice,these are the problems most businesses face, and they are always looking for people who can help them reduce those problems.

Problem solving skills turns you from just another employee into a team member with real value. So, when talking to prospective employers make sure you can articulate how you can solve their problems in the most productive manner.

4. Communication Skills

There are a few different strands to what makes for good communication skills.

I guarantee that you will see “good communication skills” in most resumes. A lot of people tend to put it down on their resume without understanding what it really means.

However, for many applicants this means being able to communicate clearly. Knowing that, whether written or verbally, you can communicate in ways that others understand easily. This is an useful skills.

However,one crucial communication skills that many tend to miss,is the human aspect of communication. For instance, the ability to assert and be confident in your assertions. The ability to listen and communicate in a team setting is another important part. Really having good communication skills is about both sides of the conversation.

5. Teamwork

Another common trait to jot down on the resume is the old staple of teamwork. Being a team player isn’t just about how well you work with others.

It’s also about being able to recognize the true importance of teamwork. It’s about knowing that working well with others is both about increasing efficiency; also about having better relations with other employees. It’s being able to help and receive help. It’s also about being accountable. Taking responsibility for your actions amongst a team is crucial to good teamwork.

6. Leadership Skills

Recognising the different factors of why teamwork is important could make you a good fit for leadership positions. Regardless of whether or not it is a leadership position you’re after, those skills could help you.

Leadership is a mixture of applying those skills that you make a team-player;and problem solving to be able to have others follow your vision. If you can rally people behind an objective & provide clarity for how they can do that – you could be a valuable asset to any team. Find ways that you can demonstrate leadership in your life currently and be ready to point them out in your resumes, and also during job interviews.

7. Being Multi-lingual

Another skill that a lot of employers will be impressed with is having additional languages under your belt. Note, they’re not looking for high school level French or Spanish. Having language skills means that you’re likely to be put in positions where you’re helping communicate for the company. Learning another language means that you’re also taking the essence of another culture.

Let’s say your company opens a new office in a foreign country- Employers will always look for internal candidates before reaching out eternally. And in some cases, multi-lingual candidates are paid a bit more than uni-lingual (English only) candidates.

8. Ambition

When people are asked to describe their ambitions, they tend to not provide great answers. No employer believes that your ambition is “to keep working for them but with more responsibilities”. That’s not only a lie in most cases, it’s also not an answer that will make them jump out of their chairs and offer you a job.

Ambition isn’t about displaying your need for power or money. It’s about showing that you’re willing to work your way up. That upward mobility is an important part of the job for you.

You have to be ready to take on new challenges, yes, but also more autonomy. Employers are happy to invest in skills and experiences for an employee as it benefits them, too.

Key point- If your prospective Employer doesn’t respect Ambition, then they’re the wrong employer for you.

The resume & the interview process is so stale that it’s easy for both sides to forget what it’s about. It’s about displaying that hard skills that can make you more valuable than the job description entails.However, it’s also about showing that you can fit more than a role. It’s about displaying what makes you a valuable team member.

Your goals and your people skills are just as important in this as those hard skills.

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