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Are you a proud owner of killer accounting skills?

Or maybe you consider yourself a unique B2B marketing talent?

The thing is, if you’ve got some pretty cool skills up your sleeve, there’s no point in hiding them.

Recruiters take as little as 6 seconds to look at a resume to decide whether it’s worth reading or not. That’s why knowing what skills to put on a resume is critical if you want to grab their attention and boost your chances of landing your dream job.

But how do you know what skills recruiters want? Just take a close look at the post that advertises the position. Chances are that it mentions communication skills – they’re valued by over two-thirds of recruiters hiring for all industries.

If you’re a recent grad, it’s likely that recruiters will search for skills like teamwork and leadership as well. Analytical thinking or planning is also at the top of every recruiter’s list.

But all this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What counts, even more, is how you include these key skills on your resume.

You probably know that recruiters use automatized Applicant Tracking Systems to sift quickly through resumes. By adding relevant keyword skills, you’ll beat these bots at their own game.

Another smart strategy is checking out people who already have your dream job. Take a look at their LinkedIn profiles to see which skills and accomplishments they highlight – if you’re a proud owner of similar skills, just add them to your resume. They’re guaranteed to make an impression because you’re following an industry-standard that worked for others!

Add a nice selection of transferable skills as well. Sure, they might not be mentioned in the job post, but they add extra value to your resume. Mind that they relate to the position – otherwise, you’ll be just wasting precious resume space.

For more critical tips on what skills to put on your resume and how to grab the attention of recruiters, check out this insightful infographic below.


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