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Leadership is a subjective art of getting your work done by other people that you want to get done in a given period of time. When we hear the word leadership a number of images related to this word come to our mind. These images can be of a political leader, strategist, or an explorer.

Not every person has this art. Moreover, not everyone can practice this art. It is best handled by people who have it ingrained in them. It can never be tamed or learned. It comes naturally and that is the only reason not everyone can be a leader.

For a person to become a successful leader the very first thing that is required is he/she should have the quality of being a leader deep inside him/ her.

Rightly said by Donald H. McGannon, “Leadership is an action, not a position.” Yes!! It is actually true. There exists no position like leadership in any corner of the world. It is a series of actions taken by an individual that makes him/ her leader. The actions that turn an individual into a leader are not so common. Those actions are bold and different for any other person to take because of fear of standing alone.

A leader does not fear to stand alone. In fact, he/she has the ability to make people agree to his/ her point of view. A leader is the one who does the right things for every person in society.

We are going to discuss the skills that are needed to make the right decision and do the right things. These skills are:

1. Having the Ability to Depict Inspiring Vision

A vision is an attractive and convincing description of where one wants to be in the coming time. It shows the actual destination where one wants to see himself, herself or the group. Thus, a leader should possess the ability to depict the vision to the group members or the followers in such a way that they also feel the urge in them to reach that point.

2. Power to Motivate and Inspire People

A leader should exercise the power to motivate and inspire people around him/ her. He/ she should have the ability to fire an urge among the people even when they have do not feel the fire in them. During such a stage, a leader should be able to make people take a move and march towards the destination.

3. The Art of Management

Leadership comes to those who have the art of management in them. It is through effective management of steps required to be taken to reach the destination. A leader should be able to manage everything in between perfectly. If there exists any problem, he/ she should be able to manage things in an order to overcome the problems during a period of time. 

4. Building a Team

Motivate Your Team

A leader must have the ability to build a great team and strengthening it from time to time. He/ she should work towards always keeping the team motivated and coordinated. He/ she should also ensure that each member of the team has all the required skill sets and abilities needed to accomplish the task.

5. Pursuing the Betterment

A good and successful leader should always pursue the betterment of everything around it. He/ she should never focus on his own needs. Instead, he/ she work for the good of every other person. 

6. Positive Influence

It is very important that a leader should have an open and positive influence. The followers or team members should get influenced by the leader positively. It will be only then that the followers or team members will be doing everything a leader asks them to do. 

7. Confident and Clear

A leader should be confident and clear. Confidence in a leader makes the followers/ team members rely upon his/ her decisions. The quality of clarity in a leader makes the mission and vision clear to everybody. Thus, it is very important for a leader to have clear thoughts and carry confidence. 

8. The solution to All Problems

People should see the leader as a solution to all the problems. He/ she should always see the problems as a challenge and should be readily available to provide a solution to all the problems. Whenever the followers are in a state of dilemma or face any problem, the leader should always be willing to draw him/ her towards the problem. 

9. Patience

A leader should always have much-required patience. He/ she should be patient to listen to others, understand their point of view, and provide a solution. Patience is the key to people’s hearts for a leader. Thus, he/ she should always show enough patience while dealing with people.

10. Helpful to Others

A successful leader should always strive towards helping others with their problems. He/ she should be always available to people whenever they are in any kind of a problem. A good and successful leader is the one who helps people whenever they are in need.

These were the key skills that are required in a leader. Though every leader has his or her own style and strategy of handling people and things these are the skills that are required by every person who acts as a leader. Thus, leaders should always perform in an effective and efficient manner. 

Productive leaders always show positive energy and are optimistic. They know how to handle their team and are well versed with all the techniques to keep their team motivated and together. 

Moreover, successful leaders strive at creating many other leaders. They always boost people towards achieving great things. They make people do things which they believed they cannot do. It is only the power vested in the hands of a leader that unites people to achieve a common goal without any feeling of jealousy and negativity. Thus, in order to be a good leader you just need to have these skills at first and work for the benefit of all.

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