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When you’re searching for a job, you need to assess your skills as to whether or not you have what it takes for the job. One thing that you should remember is that employers are looking for applicants that have the skills that match their needs.

If you want to boost your career, then you need to know how employers think. Moreover, it would be a total waste of time applying for jobs which are not in line with your skills because your chances of being rejected is rather high.

Does Your Skill Set Match the Company’s Goal?

Before we discuss the skills, it’s important to consider first how the job hiring process works. Firstly, on average, only 20% of the total number of applicants get the interview. This means that the employers would just scan through the resumes either manually or through software.

Do take note that the scanning is done very quickly and most HR personnel will just take a look at the skills you have. If your skills are in line with the company’s goals, then you will make the cut.

Next is to take note of what the employers are looking for. The big question here is what exactly do employers expect from you?

According to a poll made by Interview Success Formula, 36% of employers look for multitasking skills, 31% focus on initiative and attitude, 21% are looking for creative thinking else, and the remaining 12% are others.

With this, you can align your skills with the company’s expectations. Making sure that your skillset is on par with the company will help you make it to the interview phase.

Skills to Check if You’re Searching for a Job

The first thing that you should ask yourself is whether or not you are qualified for the job. Employers will always provide you with the list of requirements that they expect. If you have these skills, then you are qualified for the job.

There are two major kinds of skills that you’ll need in order to elevate your career. These are transferable skills and additive skills.

1. Transferable Skills

These are the types of skills that you can transfer from one job to another. For example, if you used to be a professional writer for a publishing company, you can bring that skill over to an advertising firm since advertising firms need writers.

So, when you have a job application, you match your skills with the needs of the company and see if they are applicable.

Soft Skills

The top 3 transferable skills that employers generally look for in an employee are:

2. Additive Skills

These skills are the skills that are not necessarily needed for the job but will make your application more appealing. Let’s say you’re applying for a customer service job.

If you know more than one language, this will make your application more impressive because your employer may make you handle the foreign clients too. So, if you have some additive skills that you think can be beneficial to the company, add it and explain why these skills are good for the employer’s business.

The top 3 additive skills that employers generally look for in an employee are:

  • Presentation skills
  • PR or public relations skills
  • Computer or tech-related skills


These are some of the skills that you’d have to secure when job searching. Always remember that jump-starting your career lies in creating a good first impression.

Most employers focus on whether you have the skills for the job that they require. If you want to land a good job, you must first study how the hiring process of your employer works and use it to your advantage.

Do all that, and you’ll have a higher chance of getting the job you want.

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