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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of jobs is expected to increase by 11.5 million by 2026. This is due to several main reasons including the fast technological progress and the shifts in the demographic characteristics of the labor market.

Which Industries Will Change the Most?

In the next several years, every industry will change under the influence of the above-mentioned factors.

However, in some industries, employment will increase while in others some positions might even disappear due to the invention of modernized machines and computers.

For example, there will be an increase in the occupations for professionals in the Biotechnology industry thanks to the invention of high-tech complex biomaterials.

Thus, if you are interested in the field, you’d better start working toward becoming a professional. Your future career is very promising.

Another fastest-growing industry where building a career is a good idea, is Travel, Hospitality and Leisure. In the near future, the younger generations, including millennials and Gen Zers are going to create (and occupy) a lot of job opportunities.

Because of their adventurous spirits and love for traveling, a rise in employment in this industry is predicted to happen by 2026.

Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states:

“Several occupational groups are projected to experience faster than average employment growth, including personal care and service occupations, community, and social service occupations, and computer and mathematical occupations.”

What Skills Will Be Required in the Near Future?

Without a doubt, as industries undergo certain major changes, the skills and competencies required for the jobs of the future are also subject to change/

As more and more people will work together with computers and robots, future occupations will require a higher knowledge of technology and computer science.

Therefore, employment in the upcoming years will require skills such as:

At the same time, the employment increase in industries like Health- and Elderly care will create a demand for a more humanistic approach to the job.

This means that skills like empathy, communication and teamwork will be of big help for anyone pursuing a career in these fields. As much as technology is making our lives easier, there is still a huge need for particular soft skills that, at least for the moment, only a person can bring to the job.

Do you want to know which are the fastest growing industries and what skills will be required for them? Find out in the infographic below.

The Future of Jobs : Skills Required for the Fastest Growing Industries (Infographic)


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