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With the vast majority of modern businesses requiring an online presence, there is always a high demand for digital marketing staff across the globe. As a digital marketer, your CV / Resume needs to be packed with impressive skills and knowledge if you want to land interviews for the best digital jobs.

From email marketing and social media management to SEO and user experience optimization; the spectrum of digital covers a huge range of skills. StandOut CV has provided this handy infographic, highlighting 63 of the most valuable skills to include in your CV, to secure a top digital job.

Content marketing and SEO require a wealth of skills including research, competitor analysis, and a flair for creating excellent written content.

Pay-per-click marketers need a strong knowledge of all the major PPC platforms along with campaign strategy and management skills.

Strong copywriting skills are important for email marketers and user-experience professionals should have a solid web development experience along with conversion optimization know-how. 

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Andrew Fennell is an experienced recruiter, founder of London CV writing service StandOut CV and author of The Ultimate CV Writing Guide .

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