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Many of us can fall into the trap of thinking we’re only qualified in something if we study a degree or course in it. Of course, for the most part, that is correct. You can’t exactly ‘wish’ your way into a food hygiene course that enables you to work in restaurants.

However, to only think that you can build skills through a course is self-limiting. It can be worthwhile to enroll in them anyway because having proof of your ability and understanding is essential if you wish to seek gainful employment in a field.

But plenty of value can come from humble means, too.

For example, you might decide to build some skills at home, with nothing but a laptop, a notepad, an internet connection, and your will.

For that, perhaps a high school graduate looking to pick up some new skills, or a university graduate hoping to focus on something else for a while – we have some suggestions.

Let’s explore below:

1. Writing

Writing is not a difficult skill to build, but it might take time to get to grips with. Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, it can all take time to foster. Practice makes perfect, as well as reading.

Books such as Stephen King’s ‘On Writing can help you learn practical tips and the philosophy of a prolific writer.

Programs such as Hemingway and Grammarly can help you overcome writing errors you might habitually make. It can also encourage you to learn from your mistakes – something that can be hard when writing without feedback.

The more you write, the more you read, the more you refine, you will come to a style that suits you.

Practical, clear, and concise written communication is an excellent skill to refine and can see you through many jobs, many projects, and many means to express yourself.

2. Basic Knowledge

We often neglect to understand just how important our basic education is. It’s not likely that you or many other people expelled in every specialism when at school. This is why it can be very important to fill the basic gaps in your knowledge that you might be missing.

Websites such as Khan Academy can be a great boost to that, and could potentially help you overcome the hurdles you might have previously faced with an internet connection.

Graded by age and schooling process, the website offers many facts of interest you might find yourself drawn towards. We’d recommend checking it out and seeing what sticks.

3. Programming

The ‘learn to code’ cultural revolution was not all to do with memes. It has real, practical advice regarding the future of the industry, and just what practical skills are going to be necessary for the future.

Learning C, C+, A javascript frameworks list, Python, and then researching practical elements you might use to progress your chosen language further could help you in ways you may never have imagined.

With these tips, we hope you’re better able to build worthwhile skills with time and an internet connection.

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