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Have you ever felt like you have too many thoughts and ideas, but just can’t apply them properly and make them work

You are not alone: for many inability to organize their ideas properly proves to be quite an issue. At the same time, high productivity is often a necessity, whether you are a student with lots of paper writing assignments to manage or a responsible employee with loads of tasks to fulfill.

Did you know that an average person has at least 70, 000 thoughts passing through his or her mind every day?

If you don’t know how to bring them in order, it’s easy to make your everyday life chaotic. Disorganized thinking doesn’t just adversely affect s the way your brain works — it affects your body in general.

It increases your stress level, makes you impulsive, less productive and even causes weight, heart and sleeping issues and gives you headaches.

So how can you organize the way you think so to be able to not only be more productive, but also enjoy what you do? Well, this may take some time and effort, but there are effective steps to increase your productivity.

Your steps to productivity: smart goals

2. Make a clear outline for the work you intend to do

When you are trying to complete a task you’ve been given, it’s very easy to get distracted, if this task is too easy or too hard. What you need to do is set specific goals you need to achieve and make sure they are appealing enough for you. It would definitely be easier to do if the work you are doing is new experience, but you can find enough motivation even if it’s just about cleaning your room.

When figuring out your work plan, always take your skills and fortes into consideration, as well as how they will help you to complete your task.

2. Stay focused

As we don’t live in vacuum, there are lots of things that get us distracted all day long. Do you remember how you stopped your essay writing to browse Internet, enjoyed the view outside your window instead of writing an important report, or just wanted to check out a new song or a video?

It usually takes a person 20 minutes to get properly tuned for hard work. If you make yourself get to work straight away, your chances to complete your task successfully and in a shorter period skyrocket!

Get rid of everything that can distract you out of your sight, close all browser tabs not related to your work (yes, that social network page too) and try to do nothing for a few minutes. Got bored? Start working!

3. Take breaks

The truth is, our body is ill-fitted for long hours of continuous work. Even though it seems that sitting at your desk for 8 hours in a row is the best way to achieving the best results, that’s not the case. It turns out that the longest optimal period of uninterrupted work is 52 minutes. After that you can take a 17 minute break, and go for another cycle.

Sure thing, it would be hard to properly structure your schedule with this kind of scheme, but the main idea is to take breaks regularly, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Ideally, to be more productive you should choose activities you really like and that really make you show all of your strong points and skills. But as in the real world we don’t always get to choose, remember to always set reachable goals and stay focused.

No matter what it is — professional writing, accounting or writing reports, learn to love what you do. To save your time you can use special services which will help you to do some important work.

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