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In every company, some employees linger around doing the same job year after year without ever-advancing and making their way up the corporate ladder. But then, some employees do all they can to progress with a company. Because they want their career to be more than just a job.

The employee that takes control of their career and puts forth the effort it takes to do more than just show up. And do a job are the ones that will progress faster than others. These types of employees also understand that competition not only exists. But that if they don’t take their career seriously, replacements are always available.     

Successful employees recognize and utilize Simple Steps to Improve Career Development and apply them to their everyday work performance and grab a nice performance appraisal. Such employees accept the responsibility that their growth in a company is strictly up to them. It enables them to take charge of their career and the growth required to fulfil their goals.  

Applying Simple Steps Can Improve Your Development

There is truth in the statement “those who invest more into their careers are the ones that gain the most from their career.” No CEO got where he/she is by waiting for someone to take him by the hand to lead him to the highest position within a company. He/she got there by setting their sites on the golden egg and making their way there no matter what it took.

The following are tips you can learn from and incorporate into your job performance to ensure you fulfil your goals while being the best you can be at your job. 

1. Establish a Vision

When it comes to your career and your life, it is imperative that you develop ambitions and goals. By understanding that the two categories, your life, and your career are a whole, you can apply the same learning techniques to make sure you are as equal in one as you are the other.  

You can’t strive to be successful in your career if your personal life is a disaster. As they say, you have one life, you might as well make the most of it as you can. If your goals change as time progresses, that’s ok too. However, if you fail to establish goals you want to accomplish, then you will fail at achieving everything you hoped for in your life and your career. Set Goals! 

2. Document Your Plan

Just like a “to-do” works with your personal life, you should apply the same logic to your mission, vision, and goals for your career. Establish three goals you want to accomplish on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, quarterly basis, and a yearly basis and document them where you will see them and not tuck them away out of sight. Remember, out-of-site, out-of-mind! 

3. Have Faith in Yourself

The more you apply yourself you will increase your level of skills. Once you begin to see how much you have made progress, the more confidence you will have in yourself. With confidence builds a better acknowledgement of your importance to your organization. The more you believe in yourself, your ability to display your skills, and your determination to succeed, are all critical in your career development. 

4. Always Be Willing to Learn

The day you stop wanting to learn is the day you can stop looking for a better life. Learning is the key to a better life and a better career. With today’s technology, learning is made simple by reading blogs, online books, online courses, and online training; it’s all right there, at your fingertips. 

The more you know about your line of work, the better you stand out from other employees. Learn as much as you can about current trends and new developments and if possible, incorporate them into your job. 

5. Improve Your People Skills

Employees that obtain great people skills always have a crowd gathered around the break room listening to their stories. Having strong people skills is a big part of earning respect from your co-workers and upper management. 

Always be outgoing, friendly, and personable, and you will find this opens many doors of opportunity for you. Being an effective and clear communicator is also a huge plus in personality development as well. 

6. Expand and Strengthen Your Network

By attending conferences and joining professional associations affiliated with your field is an excellent way to strengthen your career network. Meeting others that work in the same field as you can offer insight and often open many doors for you in the future.

Always be sure to collect contact information and gather as much knowledge as possible from those who have worked a few years more than you in your given industry. The more people you make aware of your abilities and strengths, the more chances you have of having future opportunities come your way.  

7. Establish Mentor Relationships

Mentors, both inside and outside your organization, make strong foundations to learn from and lean on for a career development. Mentors make great sounding boards and can provide hands-on experience and knowledge that doesn’t exist in books or videos. Find someone who believes in you, works well with you, and has the success and expertise you seek, and you will have landed a goldmine. 

8. Build Yourself a Good Reputation

In business, your reputation and good name are the only two things you own. At your organization, be known for being professional, dependable, and cooperative while looking and acting the part of a professional, and you will always stand out from the rest. Make a name for yourself by writing articles, attending conferences, and delivering speeches. Put yourself out there! 

9. Sell Yourself

Self-promote yourself by sharing significant accomplishments and make sure you let those in influential positions aware of your successes and devotion that may have a say so in your future advancements. Speak up and let management know you are interested in the promotion and you feel you are ready for the next level up in your career. 

10. Establish Trust

Nobody wants to associate with someone who is not trustworthy. Building trust during career development often takes time and effort but is well worth it in the long run. Trust goes two ways, not only do you need to gain trust from others, but you also should learn to trust others to establish good working relationships. 

11. Give Back to Others

Explore ways you can give back for those you have met and who have assisted you in getting where you are today. Volunteer with area youth programs and be a mentor to another as mentors were to you. 

Volunteering teaches a person to be humble and prepares you for a career development as you make connections with your community. And, always show gratitude to those who stood by you as you progressed over the years. 

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