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Career planning should be done by every new graduate so that they can have better careers and ones that do not do career planning, in their later life they regret it as they are unhappy and unsuccessful in their life.

The one that does not do career planning is running after money as they choose the job that will give the most money in comparison, people who do career planning choose a job that they have an interest in, and in later life, they are successful and happily doing their jobs.

1. Self Assessment

If you want a successful career so you have to do your self-assessment which involves steps to find your interest, passion, values, and skills. It also involves your own strength and weakness analysis. In strength analysis, you will try to find the skills you have and what you are good at. In weakness analysis, you will try to find what skills do you need and where you need to improve.

It is very important to do self-evaluation before choosing a career path because it has a massive impact on job satisfaction.

2. Exploration

First, try to find the industries that attract you and what sort of jobs attract you and then try to find how you can get that job and what majors are required to get that job.

Here you simply make a list of industries and companies and check different job requirements, job descriptions, and specifications, and then you match your skills and interests with your target job or industry where you want to go. Exploration is important as it bridges the gap between your interests and skills with skills that are required by your target industry or job.   

3. Goal Setting

After you have matched your interests and skills to your target job or industry you will understand where you want to go and what you want to be so you will set goals to get there.

In goal setting, you will plan to get the skills that you will need to enter that job, for university students they will be selecting majors that will help them achieve those skills.

4. Preparation

In preparation, you will start developing those skills to improve your chances to achieve your final goal; you will also be checking your progress to see if you are heading in the right direction. You will be working on your writing skills to catch the attention of these industries by building an effective resume to create a great first impression. Another preparation is in the form of interview practice in which you prepare yourself for a job interview.

A great way to learn those skills and show your talent is by gaining experience in the form of internships and a part-time job where you will learn new skills and apply every skill you have during that period.

5. Action

Now you will be in the best position to start your job hunt because you have developed all the skills required for that job. You will need to send your resumes to the career web pages of the desired industry or these industry comes in the job fair so you can attend these job fairs where you will have to impress employers by giving a solid interview. In the interview, you will have to tell why you want this job and why they need you in order to impress them.


After following these five steps you are guaranteed to find a job that you will enjoy and when you will enjoy the job you will also taste successful career because you will be doing the job that you have interest in and matches your skills.

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