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Going in for an interview? You probably already know that preparation is the key, and it involves making sure you look great for the possible role in the particular company.

Things can get a bit tricky if you are sporting some type of facial hair.

Do you shave it off, or do you keep it and hope that your future boss sees it as evidence that you are a patient and committed person, who has a personal look that can pull off with ease?

Read on to find out how to prep for an interview even though you are sporting some beard style grooming tips.

The Importance of Personal Branding

Personal branding is a new name for how you project yourself to the world, from how you talk, speak and look, to what your skills and competencies are.

There is no better opportunity to showcase a positive, competent personal brand than in the workplace.

Grooming plays a huge part in personal branding because how you look like speak volumes about your character.

Whether you are on an interview for a new job or want to get noticed by your boss, there are a couple of specific steps you can take to use your personal brand to benefit your career.

Going Beyond Career Skills: Your Look

Your look says a lot about how competent you are for the job, what kind of job you’d be best suited for, and how you are as a person.

Grooming is important to career development as it requires a certain maturity in style, commitment and discipline if you want to cultivate an appearance of someone who has it all figured out.

Knowing how to choose the clothes that fit right, complement your physical features and are appropriate to the office culture requires a certain degree of style and fashion intelligence that not all people have.

You are effectively showcasing this skill when you dress right, especially when you dress sharp. Avoid sloppy, ill-fitting clothing and hairstyles.

Personal grooming tips are also a major part of cultivating a look that says you are a mature, competent, responsible member of society with a decent flair for style and fashion.

Sporting a current, trendy haircut that is trimmed and shaped nicely, as well as a beard that complements your hair and your wardrobe, help in creating a personal image that will help you stand out in the office.

Grooming Your Beard for Work

Perhaps the most important grooming tip you should follow when wearing a beard is to choose the right beard style for your face shape and keep it neat and clean at all times.

The right beard should accentuate your most flattering features. Avoid styles that tend to add more length to an oval or already long face.

Also, avoid wide sideburns if you have a short, wide face or a square jaw.

Dealing with a patchy beard? Get enough sleep, stop smoking, and work out.

You can also try beard supplements that promote hair growth and nourish the skin. More importantly, modify your diet to promote healthy and speedy beard growth.

Use beard moisturizers to keep the skin healthy and nourished, because healthy skin is more likely to promote speedy beard growth. It is also important to avoid trimming or clipping until you reach full growth.

Personal grooming is made easier with the right tools. Use beard oils and balms infused with natural oils and natural ingredients to minimize irritation, especially if you are still in the process of growing your beard.

Use styling balms to keep your beard neat all throughout the day, especially if you have a long, full beard.

You want a beard that is free from hairs that stick out, or a beard that looks dull and lifeless.

Styling balms keep your beard’s shape while giving it a healthy and smooth shine.

For daily grooming, use a brush or a comb. The best beard brush is one with the natural, boar bristles because these promote circulation and the natural production of oils that keep your beard shiny and healthy.

Trim on a regular basis to maintain your beard’s shape and to prevent unruly hairs from sticking out. Use beard trimming scissors to keep length in check.

Invest in quality tools to ensure longevity and effective grooming since you will be doing this on a regular basis.

Discussing the No-Beard Policy With Your Boss

If you are on an interview for a job, you may get asked if you are willing to make compromises in your appearance to fit into the existing office culture.

This is because, in many workplaces, certain restrictions exist, such as no-beard policies.

These policies are certainly based on reasonable grounds, given that unkempt beards tend to give their wearers a sloppy, unprofessional look.

However, if keeping your beard is very important to you, bring the topic up and see if they have relaxed policies regarding facial hair.

If you want to raise your chances of being able to keep your beard, show up for job interviews with a styled, trimmed and clean beard to dispel any notion that you will be a sloppy, bearded employee.

Go to a professional the day before an interview to get your beard groomed, trimmed and styled so your beard can withstand any scrutiny on the big day.

If you are already employed and facing pressure to get rid of your facial hair, do not be afraid to convince your boss about accepting the new idea of relaxing the policy.

Progressive companies have relaxed their facial hair policies in a bid to cultivate more casual, relaxed working environments and to foster creativity and self-expression among employees.

Talk to your employer about adopting a more casual approach to an office wardrobe, especially if overly formal wardrobe rules are not necessary to do the work you do.

The bottom line when trying to push for wearing a beard at work is to keep it clean and well-groomed at all times to dispel the negative stereotypes of sloppy beard-wearers as being unproductive, unmotivated employees.

Beards are going mainstream and for a good reason. Beards add character to any look.

In the workplace, stylish, well-groomed facial hair gives an appearance of maturity, competence, and dedication, all traits that any boss would want in an employee.

So go ahead with these grooming tips, grow that beard. Just make sure that you keep it stylish, trimmed and clean at all times.



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Zack Robbins is the founder of Beardoholic and the greatest beard enthusiast in the world. He has been bearded for as long as he can recall, someone would tell almost his entire life. With such a significant experience when it comes to beard care and grooming, Zack is someone who knows the exact steps you need to take to grow a thick and full beard of your dreams.

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