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In this article, we look at  ‘things aren’t how they’re supposed to be’ when it comes to recruitment and we look at more obvious signs that you’ve hired the wrong person.

They may have seemed right, at least on paper, or at the interview – probably both. But after a short time in their new role, they’re proving themselves as a wrong person for the job.

So, here’s some stuff that will get red warning light flashing in your mind.

With any new employee, there will be a certain amount of putting the feelers outto find out a little more about them.

Are they flexible? Are they willing to take on a little extra? General stuff that will reveal a bit more about the person you hired.

But if you hear the dreaded words: But that’s not my job, be afraid. Be very afraid! Rigidly sticking to a job description is not against the law. But it is a worrying sign that the person is really saying, I’ll do what I’m paid for and that’s it.”

In an office or environment where everybody chips in and pulls together, you will quickly find this kind of attitude alienates rather integrates. A willing new recruit will want to impress, help, and settle in as quickly as they can so if there is a genuine reluctance to immerse themselves into your organization’s culture. Chances are it is a situation that will only get worse and probably come to a head sooner rather than later. This is a sign that you have hired the wrong person. 

Similarly, sticking to the clock in and clock out times are another worrying sign in a new employee, especially if other members of staff get in earlier and leave later. It’s fair to say some people see work as work and have a life to lead outside and that is not a crime. Particularly if they have to rush off to pick their children up and suchlike.

You’ll know if the reasons are genuine or an ‘I’ve done my bit’ sort of attitude. Again, ‘newbies’ are generally keen to impress, particularly in the first few weeks and months. So if there are sighs, tuts, or eye rolls if they are asked to do a bit extra or stay a little later. Chances are you haven’t got a team player on your hands.

Another issue that comes up after you hire a wrong person is bringing their personal lives into the job from the word go. If they are disappearing every now and then to make phone calls during work time. They may be the sort who will take a foot if given an inch. You’ll quickly question how important the new job really is to them if they’re prepared to flaunt office etiquette so early into their career. A quiet word will give you a clue. There may be something major going on that you’re not aware of. So try and find out what the reasons are. You should quickly get vibes if the calls are necessary or not and if it’s the latter, let them know it’s not how things are done at your workplace.

There are so many human traits that are noble and quietly impress. So if something has gone well and the new candidate has played their part but is keen to not claim full credit, congratulations! If it’s a case of them wanting to look the bee’s knees with no modesty whatsoever. You have to wonder what their personality is really like.

What you need is a response along the lines of ‘It was a team effort’ – not,Yep. I did it. Isn’t it fantastic?’ – or along those lines. It won’t go down well with you or your employees so play it by ear and if it’s a recurring theme. You may have got yourself a glory hunter!

It goes without saying that if they are argumentative, lazy, or just a round peg in a square hole, you’ll know what to do… you need to avoid this from the start.

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Aws has a total of 5 years’ experience in recruitment, before that he was successfully involved in sales for over 8 years, performing a range of roles from advisory to management. He has extensive sales and management experience as well as an eye for operational perfection. After co-founding a traditional recruitment company specializing in Financial Technology, he and his co-founders felt there was a need for change within the recruitment industry and so Founded Peek, an app made to revolutionize the industry.

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