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At the workplace, team interaction, cooperation, and acknowledgment are everything. You feel happy and enjoy your job when you have great team members to work with. Every colleague matters, from the head of the department to the office boy, and if a single person gets upset with you, it disturbs your mind. Isn’t it?

For instance, we take an example of a boss (or the team lead) who is angry with you, and of course, you have no idea about the problem. How could you work with peace of mind when it is occupied with an intense level of anxiety. The only question that hits the brain is, why is he angry?

Don’t panic and take a deep breath. We have gathered some signs to eliminate your confusion. These signs would help you analyze if your boss is unhappy with you or not. Plus, in this article, some tips are compiled to promote a healthy relationship between you and your head. 

Check everything below, and thank us later. 

13 Signs If Your Boss Isn’t Happy With You

Here, get a wing to the signs if the boss is angry with you:

1. When Boss Stops Giving Feedbacks

Feedback is important for professional growth. Until or unless you receive the feedback of seniors on the work, you can’t improve. Sometimes, if he doesn’t praise you, or guide and criticize you,  then it might be possible that your work threatens him. These are insecure boss traits that are barely noticed.

2. When He Does Micromanagement

Some bosses are habitual of micromanaging their employees, especially those for whom they are developing a grudge in their hearts. For now, if you feel that your supervisor is giving you a tough time by giving you guidance on things which you already know, or showcasing a lack of confidence in you to confuse you on work. Then, be aware, he might be disliking you due to some reason.

3. Boss Doesn’t Want You To Appear In The Meeting

Your boss wants to interact with you less, which can be an alarming situation. Thereby, the team leader wouldn’t call you in the group’s meeting to make you realize that your appearance isn’t required. In this way, he is indirectly conveying you a message that you are not an important person.  

4. When He Talks To You Through Other People

Let’s suppose the boss has some work with you, but instead of asking you for that, he will ask your colleague to convey the message. Does it feel awkward? We know it is. Also, such behavior of the manager embarrasses the person in front of others. 

5. A Boss Keeps You Out Of The Loop

On official communication channels, he does not involve you in the loop. Undeniably, this is one of the signs your boss wants you to leave the place (or job). Companies use Microsoft teams, Slack, Goto meeting, or Trello for daily tasks updates and team interaction. 

6. Continuous Updates Through Triggering Emails

The manager asks you for task updates through triggering emails, in which he also tags the main head of the department (or the office). By doing so, he puts pressure on you regarding work and shows his/her dislike towards you.

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7. Check If The Boss Is Putting Down Your Efforts

You achieve a big goal, and still, you are not acknowledged? Well, it is because your boss has some anger issues. At that time, he will try to put down your hard work and efforts, so you can know better about his/her mood swing. Also, he doesn’t appreciate your work in front of the team like he is used to doing for other team members. 

8. Constant Rechecking & Reassigning The Tasks

When the task is rechecked and reassigned by the supervisor continuously, it’s time to observe why it is so. Some bosses do such things to make their employees more efficient in performing the task, while others do so to humiliate their staff. 

9. Silent Treatment

Make sure your boss is conveying his/her messages through proper channels rather than going silent towards your matters. But, if your boss doesn’t like you, he will definitely keep quiet and treat you like you do not exist. Alongside this, he may not interact with you on any platform.

10. If He Doesn’t Offer You Attractive Opportunities

Hardworking employees love to be given different yet desirable opportunities so that they can exhibit their skills. However, if the boss doesn’t like you, he will never put you in tasks, which can help you gain appreciation. However, employee recognition is indispensable. No doubt, when the worker grows, the company thrives. 

11. If He Turns Down The Raise Without Explanation

Maybe, your boss wants you to quit; that’s why he is not paying heed to your increment request. The team leader who cares for you would come up with an explanation of why it is not possible to fulfill the request. So, if your “raise in income” application goes unheard, then it is a sign your boss is angry with you. 

12. He/She Prefers To Listen To His/Her Favorite People

Bosses who have surrounded themselves with some of their favorite workers don’t give attention to not-so-famous employees. If you are one of those, you might have faced your manager’s bad behavior, especially when he is in his/her lovely lot. With this, he makes “jokes” of you, just because he doesn’t like you. 

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13. He Calls You For Work On Your Off Day

Nobody can ignore his/her manager’s call even on the weekends. Well, it sounds inappropriate and annoys the employees if the boss asks to perform some tasks on an off day. It ends up spoiling the holiday. This is a clear sign of how much the manager is unhappy with you.  

Since we have discussed all the signs, it’s time to move on to the solutions. We bet it would help you get your boss’s confidence in you back. 

12 Things To Do When Your Boss Is Angry

Below, you can find ways to handle real-time stress if you are facing your boss’s anger. 

1. Sometimes, Sweet Gestures Help

Astonished? Well, showing sweet gestures is an essential factor, which we usually ignore. But, it helps to normalize working terms between the boss and an employee to some extent. Thus, you should try to be cooperative and down-to-earth, no matter how furious your head is. Additionally, gestures like practical gifts for the boss can help you get the praise and value in the boss’s eyes sooner or later. 

2. Address The Issues

Other than gifting, you can discuss the problems you face because of his/her unusual and unacceptable behavior. While telling him about your issues, make sure that your voice doesn’t go up and do stay humble. After all, he is your boss. So, when you communicate the concerns properly without misbehaving with him, only then he might understand what you have been through.

3. Listen To Him When He Yells At You

What to do when you feel disrespected by your boss’s loud voice? We suggest you keep quiet for some time. Cross discussion and arguments can take stress to the next level. Therefore, let your manager yell at you and don’t speak a word until he gets his/her nerves back. Trust us, when he calms down, he will come up to you to ask away the matter before. 

4. Apologize If Your Task Has Gone Wrong

Usually, the supervisor doesn’t yell or get upset with his/her team member until something goes wrong. At times, when you make a mistake that embarrasses your team leader in front of the main head, then it is your sole responsibility to admit the fault. Say sorry to the manager and try to re-done the task (if possible) to cause less damage to the team’s reputation. 

5. Stay Positive & Spread Positivity

Regardless of the boss’s inappropriate behavior, the one thing that can help you blow away all his/her anger is your optimistic behavior, no matter how tough it is to be. Furthermore, you can point out some of his/her good habits once he is okay with things. Such as trying to appreciate his/her work and decisions that he has made for the company’s betterment. Plus, you can cheer him up by giving some positive news, so he thinks less pessimistically about things. 

6. Don’t Let It Affect Your Work

When we work in a productive environment, we have to face ups and downs. Also, crucial circumstances can make your boss furious about various things. Eventually, when the time comes, don’t let the opposing perspectives and conditions rule your creative skills.  Make sure, despite the department head’s serious mood; you are giving your best. Let his anger and stress don’t affect your work efficiency. 

Angry Boss

7. Set Boundaries

Whenever you feel your boss is not on talking terms or feels that he is illogically angry with you, draw a boundary line instead of annoying him with questions, like are you angry, or why are you upset? It is considered the better decision to not talk about things that can bother both of you for the time being.

As Robert Frost said:

“Good fences make good neighbors.”

8. Know His/Her Preferences

Observe and understand your boss’s nature.

To understand it more, keep the answers to these questions in mind:

  • What kind of skills does he/she require?
  • How would he/she want you to interact with him?
  • How fast or slow does he/she make decisions?
  • Does he/she take much time to understand your point of view?
  • Is your work as per his/her style?
  • And many more. 

Thus, the more you both work together, the more it would be impossible to understand each other’s requirements. Moreover, once you start adapting your boss’s style and learning his/her desired skills, you would see a positive change in his/her attitude. By doing so, you would manage your workplace manager’s mind without even his/her own knowledge. 

9. Don’t Be A Part Of Blame Game

The situation goes bad when, being an employee, you try to disrespect your senior manager. Remember, he is the one who hired you in the first place. Again, he is the one to whom you report daily. Ultimately,  your team leader represents your progress report to the main boss of the office. So, like it or not, you may need to please him, and for this, it is advisable to lose the argument and don’t start a blame game. 

10. Come Forward With Unique Solutions

Every boss likes the workers who showcase their creative skills in almost every task of their job enthusiastically. Employees with impressive ideas and unique solutions are always welcomed by their managers. Undoubtedly, this is another way to enlighten your boss’s mood. Weiner (Award-winning Attorney Writer) says: 

“Managers are solution-oriented professionals and want to see their direct reports hone in on a problem and offer a solution.”

11. Never Assume That They Know Everything

Generally, it is perceived that the manager knows everything. However, it is not the case. There are plenty of things about which your manager wouldn’t know, primarily if those things are related to your skills. So, never underestimate yourself. In case of misunderstanding, you can discuss the stuff with your supervisor. Let him know about your perspective behind doing a task, after which, if your boss won’t feel it, the right step to be taken. Then, you can discontinue it.

12. Avoid Making The Same Mistake Again

Problems we create, or mistakes we make, is a regular thing. But, repeating the same mistake may end up earning you a bad name. At the workplace, the one-time mistake is understandable. Besides, if you make the same mistake twice (or more), then it becomes unbearable for the manager because he has to manage the whole thing. Therefore, it is suggested to do your work with a present mind. Also, make sure you have checked your data (or task report) before submitting it to the boss. This is how you would save yourself from making the mistakes again. 

Bottom Line

If your boss is upset with you, then you might be lacking somewhere. The in-depth analysis would help you reach the cause. That’s why the signs and tricks to handle the crucial situation are shared above.

Hopefully, this article would aid you in understanding the scenario in a better way.
Does your boss behave like this? Feel Free to share the stories in the comment section below.

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