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Sometimes it’s crystal clear you need to get on the job sites, phone a few job agencies and leave your current role behind. Other times, you may convince yourself you’re just fine where you are but there are a few niggling worries in the back of your mind.

It can be a daunting decision to find a new job but here are eight signs that a daunting decision is the right one.

1. There’s No Room for Progression

When your role shows no signs of pushing you and stretching your abilities, it’s probably time to find a more challenging job.

If there’s no chance of a promotion, a change of role or just a bit more responsibility, look for something that’ll provide you just this.

Research has demonstrated that progress is very important to most employees.

Robert Walters surveyed Millennials and found 91% stated that progression was a top priority in a new role. If your employer hasn’t cottoned on to this fact, perhaps it’s time to seek a new role elsewhere.

Furthermore, Forbes explains that “if you’re hoping to move up the ladder sooner rather than later” and it looks unlikely, it should “raise some concerns.” A colleague or superior could leave at any point, leaving open an opportunity for you. Or, an opportunity for progression just may never arise. Rip off that band-aid and start looking elsewhere

2. Your Hard Work Is Always Overlooked

Maybe you’re working overtime without even complaining or you’re always going above and beyond. You’re putting everything into your work, but you’re receiving little if any, recognition.

If this is the case, it’s likely a voice in the back of your mind is telling you to start looking elsewhere.

A study by Job Exodus found that not feeling valued as a member of staff was the third most common reason for wanting to move on and the American Psychological Association found feeling valued at work is linked to better physical and mental health.

If you’re working hard, your company should be working hard to show you’re valued. Your bosses and colleagues should be saying “thank you” where necessary and “good job” here and there.

If your work is under appreciated, focus your time, effort and energy elsewhere. Find a job where you can thrive and you find your hard work is valued.

3. You’re Not Being Taken Seriously

Similarly, to have your work overlooked, maybe you’re being overlooked as a serious worker. Whether it’s your work, ideas or you that’s not being taken seriously, it’s probably something that gets you down when you think about work.

It could even be that you feel your boss doesn’t care about you. Although there are lots of factors to enjoying your job, it matters whether you feel valued or not.

The Business Insider explains that “one of the biggest reasons people leave their jobs is because they feel underappreciated.”

Don’t feel silly for worrying you’re not being taken seriously; prove that should be taken seriously! Even if that means being taken seriously at another company.

4. It’s Simply Too Stressful

Your job might be stressful for all sorts of reasons, be it feeling stuck in a rut because of the lack of career progression or because there are too many targets to hit.  Companies can become bogged down in mindless rules and box-ticking exercises, and that can lead to unhappy, stressed-out employees.

Life’s just too short to feel anxious and unhappy at work.  Whatever it is about your current role which is making you feel stressed, there is almost certainly something better out there that will not leave you dreading the 9 to 5.

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5. You Can’t Stand Your Workmates

You can’t get along with everyone all of the time, and sometimes you have to admit that what makes your current job unbearable isn’t the work itself but the people around you.  If your colleagues are difficult to get on with, that can be enough to persuade you it’s time to look elsewhere.

Whether it’s your grumpy boss or the needy, annoying person sitting next to you if you really can’t face your team every day then move on to somewhere with a better vibe.

6. You’re Waiting for 17:00 Once the Clock Hits 09:05

If you’re bored, restless and the first to pack up your stuff, you probably need to find a new and exciting role to take up.

Forbes says that if “you are ready to claw your eyes out rather than go to work,” you’re probably bored of your job.

It’s not the kind of work you’re interested in and it doesn’t promise to get much better. It’s when you’re feeling this way that it’s time to find a new position.

There’s nothing wrong with outgrowing your role and realizing you’re ready for the next step. There is, however, no point in hanging about, hoping your work will become more exciting. Find a new role that fulfills your every criterion.

7. There Just Aren’t Enough Perks

Companies these days are always looking to expand the benefits they offer their employees, and there are some really great perks to be had if you find the right employer. The holiday entitlement might be really tight-fisted in your present role, or your company might not offer flexible hours.

If the perks aren’t great then start looking around for another job which offers you a better deal.  Many companies offer loyalty schemes, money-off vouchers, help with childcare and flexible working arrangements, so if you think you might be better off elsewhere, start hunting!

8. You’re Dreaming of Another Career

Maybe this job was supposed to be a career pit stop, a stepping stone until the next big thing. Only you’re still at your “for now” job three years later, as you dream of your perfect 9 to 5.

Ultimately, however, it’s better late than never. So when 5 o’clock comes around, research and job search until you’re no longer dreaming of another career.

If you’re feeling all of the above and more, it might be a good idea to at least start putting the feelers out for a new job. When it comes to quitting your day job and grabbing your dream job, there’s no time like the present!


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