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There’s this one person who easily gets a better job whenever he needs a change in his career. He’s always more successful than the competitors. People trust him because he’s an expert. He always seems like he knows what he’s doing. Most importantly, this person knows how to make money.

Are you wondering what’s the factor that makes him different? He has a personal brand. There’s no big philosophy behind this concept: you work to build a brand out of your name.

Steve Jobs, Paulo Coelho, and Neil Patel – all these names are personal brands.

How did they do it? Through a lot of work, expertise, and (this is the biggest factor, really) marketing. The good news is that you can build your own personal brand, too. Each of us has specific skills and talents that can be branded. Should you do it?

If you recognize yourself in any of the 10 signs that follow, then you should definitely start working on your personal brand. 

1. You’re an Artist

According to Jeanne Connolly, an artist and a guest writer for IndieMade, building a visual identity is a must for all artists.

“In a nutshell, that is the basic idea of ‘personal branding for crafters’ my friends. Begin building your brand identity by consistently referring to your company’s name, your logo, your website, using those business cards and referring people back to that beautiful website so they can buy something from you and you can make a living doing this,” – she says. “Put your visual identity out there so your audience starts making those connections and your brand becomes more recognizable.”

2. You Are or You Intend to Be an Entrepreneur

Apple is a brand, but Steve Job is a brand, too. When the person behind the business builds a personal brand, people will trust his or her recommendations.

In fact, 92% of consumers are more likely to trust the advice that comes from individuals over the ones they get from brands.

3. You Want to Make Money through Social Media

You want to become an Instagram or YouTube celebrity?

Well, you’ll have to make your name and personality known if you want to achieve that goal. Think about those popular Instagramers and YouTubers you follow.

Whenever you see one of their posts or videos, you recognize them without even seeing the username. That’s what personal branding is all about.

4. You’re a Writer or a Blogger

Paulo Coelho doesn’t just write books and wait for them to sell. There’s a personal brand behind that name. You’ll see it at his website and all over his social media channels.

Bloggers also need a personal brand. That’s how they build their authority in their niche. Check out Neil Patel’s websites and you’ll see what I’m talking about. He even uses his face as a favicon.

5. You Aim for a Career in the PR Industry

Neil Williams, head of marketing at BestDissertations, gave us this insight: The brand messages posted by our employees are re-shared 20 times more than those posted on our company’s social media platforms.”

What does that mean?

Personal Branding Businesses-Personal branding

If you want to become part of a brand’s PR team, they will check how well you do on social media. They want to see if you have a personal brand. Because, if you do, they gain a chance of their content getting more shares.

6. You Want to Be Effective in Sales

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about Avon or any other brand; you’ll sell much more when you have tons of followers on social media. If you produce great content related to the things you sell and you convince people to trust you, you’re branding yourself. That will lead to more sales.

According to the Social Media and Sales Quota Attainment survey, 72% of salespeople who relied on social media as part of the selling process performed better than their peers and exceeded the quota 23% more often.

7. You Want to Succeed in Any Career

Ryan Erskine, the brand strategist, published an interesting article named Personal Branding Is Becoming Less of a Competitive Edge and More of a Requirement. What does this mean? A personal brand will definitely give you an edge over the competition. However, the more people are engaged in personal branding, the more it is considered to be obligatory for career progress.

Here’s what Erskine found: “Employees at companies that invest in personal branding initiatives are 27 per cent more likely to feel optimistic about their company’s future.”

8. You’re Looking for a New Job

It doesn’t matter whether this will be your first job or you want to make a change in your career; a personal brand is always helpful.

According to a study named Online Reputation in a Connected World, 85% of employers said that the candidate’s positive online reputation is important for their hiring decision, at least to some extent.

9. You Want to Work as a Freelancer

The freelancing industry is huge. There are various things you can do, including consulting, graphic design, web design, coding, data analytics, social media marketing, and much more. Whatever your focus is, a good personal brand will convince the clients you’re the right person to hire.

10. You Intend to Get a Job in Hollywood

Have you seen The Rock on Instagram? He is a huge star on that platform. Okay, he already has jobs in Hollywood. However, this example shows us how important a star’s online reputation is. You might as well start building your brand before you get your great opportunity.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do in the Hollywood industry. This is the world of famous people, so online authority is important even for the makeup artist who wants to work on film sets.

The personal brand will set you apart from other people, no matter what your occupation is. It’s the image the target audience and potential employers remember you by.

It’s the power that makes them believe what you say. When you develop a great personal brand, you’ll set your career on the road to success. 

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