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When you’re starting in your career, it can be hard to make informed decisions about all those prospective employers out there. Mostly, this is because you have no frame of reference. You may have worked some part-time jobs at college or to tide you over in a gap year but this is the big one.

This is your career and the choices you make now could determine the path you take for the rest of your working life. Choose the right employer and you’ll be looked after, given opportunities, and given the right amount of challenge and support to allow you to grow in your knowledge and skills until you have a job that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

Choose wrong, however, and you could spend years wasting away in a job that stifles your growth under an employer that doesn’t value, develop, or appreciate you.

Of course, the difference between the right and the wrong employer may be difficult to perceive at the start of your career. You need to start earning the money to keep the roof over your head straight away and any employer who’s willing to take you on may seem like the right one.

Fortunately, looking for these telling signs can tell you that you’ve found the employer of your dreams…

1. They Care About Your Ideas

Employees worth working to understand that even a young person at the start of their career can have valuable insights that could enable their business to run more effectively or efficiently. At the interview, you may well be asked for your own opinions, insights, and questions about the company and their response to these will speak volumes.

If they react with interest and enthusiasm, you’ve found a dream employer. If they shrug your ideas, off you should run the other way.

2. They Tell You Your Rights Without You Having to Ask

 An employee rights attorney like Mark P. Carey P.C. will tell you that it’s vital to know your rights as an employee, so that you can ascertain whether an employee’s expectations of you are reasonable or if you’re being exploited.

A good employer will be forthcoming with these early on in the interview or your induction. A bad employer will try to keep them from you.

3. Their Values Align with Yours

At the start of your career, it’s all too tempting to focus your thoughts on money, but a great wage is rarely adequate compensation to work for a company you despise, in a job you hate where the values of the organization are not aligned with those you hold dear.

All businesses need to have values outside of “make lots of money” and working for a business with values that align with yours is a meaningful step towards job satisfaction.

4. They Haggle with You on Salary

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a negative item but if an employer haggles with you on salary this is usually a good sign. You should be wary of an employer who jumps straight to your ideal salary without any negotiation as this may be a sign that there’s a problem with the job or the organization that they’re trying to buy off with an attractive salary.

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