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There is no reason for you to lie during a job interview.

First of all, why would you want to mislead your hiring manager into thinking you are the right person for the job if you aren’t?

That is going to make both you and the firm loose other opportunities. You could be in a place where you truly enjoy yourself, and they could hire a person who’s 100% fit for the job.

Second, lying says a lot about a person.

In the end, the truth will come out anyways, and your dignity will suffer. You will feel ashamed about your actions; and the worst part is that this harmful action will have an impact on your future too.

Once you get caught, people will stop trusting you; and I am not only talking about your prospective employers – I am referring to your partner too. When you give out the news that you did not get the job, they’ll ask why. You’ll have two choices: either tell the truth, or lie again.

If you are a person of integrity, you’ll probably choose the first option. But imagine telling your partner that you lied in your interview/job application in the first place. They might think you would always be capable of lying to them too. 

Third, honesty shows nothing else than self-confidence.

If you are self-assured, not many things will get to you. You are going to be sure about your beliefs and act confidently. You are going to be yourself. And isn’t that the best person you can be?

Here is a list of reasons on why you should never lie during a job interview.

1. Your dignity

If you want to keep your dignity intact, don’t lie. It is not only about job interviews, it is about life. Lying makes you lie more, and soon you find yourself distorting truths that truly matter. In the short term, you’ll probably feel no guilt.

In the long-term though, after multiple similar scenarios, you might start questioning yourself. You might become aware of what you’ve been doing, and lose confidence.

And that, my friend, is difficult spot to be in. Confidence is tricky. It can be gone in one second, and leave you uncovered for the rest of your life.

So, take care what actions you take if you want to keep your self-respect and confidence intact.

2. Your reputation

If you don’t care about your self-confidence, you might care what other people think about your unethical behavior. As I was saying earlier, lies don’t last long, and truth comes out at the end anyways.

Once the truth has been revealed, you’ll either need to lie more, or simply recognize that you are dishonest. That will make you lose credibility in front of any employer.

We all know that word travels fast, so you might have a hard time finding a good job once someone caught you lying. You might not get significant recommendations anymore, and become frustrated and sad.

So, avoid losing your career by telling the truth, would you?

I’ll give out a personal example.

One of my friends, Catherine, got an interview at her dream company. She quit her other job, got herself prepared to meet the recruiters, dressed up nicely, and of course, brought a resume with her.

She said to me, “I was so prepared to conquer that job position. It was literally my dream job. I was very enthusiastic, and for some reason, felt the need to lie about my achievements. I did not have enough experience, and because I lacked confidence, I made up a random job name at a very important company in my work field. I told them that I worked there. Little did I know that they would call and check with that specific firm. I was caught, and ashamed, and did not get the job. I realized there is no point in lying– you only miss important opportunities. You are who you are and that’s it. Lesson learned.”

3. Your performance

Telling the truth is good for a reason!

It makes you avoid companies you won’t fit in and colleagues you won’t like. If you are hired based on lies, your work might become a pain in the bum in the long-run.

You need to enjoy what you are doing! Unfortunately, that becomes impossible if you are desperately lying to your hiring manager in order to get a job offer.

This is a mistake so many people make. They go to a job interview thinking “What if they won’t like me?” instead of thinking “What if I don’t like them?” In the end, you must have a good time in that company too, right? Is not only about them, it is about you.

You choose your path and your career. So, don’t lie – be honest, and select your work place properly. 

4. The money

Many people lie about their former salary in order to get a higher offer at the current company. While that could be considered a white lie, it is still a lie after all. The verification process through which new employees must go will reveal the truth!

The background checks will come after you, and even if they don’t discover anything, you’ll be anxious and scared throughout the verification process anyways.

And why would you want that? Your value is not given by that insignificant number. If that is how the previous company perceived you, there are ways to improve. A new firm means new opportunities to excel, so don’t think that you are going to stagnate.

Every new step you take is a form of evolution, so don’t be scared. Money comes to people who truly deserve it! Don’t lie about it and set yourself up for failure!

5. Let go of fears

Sarah Kate, editor and freelance writer, shares her story with us. “I used to lie a lot during job interviews, until someone caught me. I was embarrassed and stopped working for a while. I started meditating and seeing myself for I truly was: simply me. Then I realized: I have nothing to lose.

So, I started being as honest as possible when interviewed. I didn’t care what they thought about me anymore. I only cared what I thought about them. Soon after, I got a position at one of the most prestigious companies in the city. Being honest was totally worth it.”

Let go of fears! Be honest! When you have nothing to lose, you can win anything.

Wrapping up

Keep your dignity intact, and your performance appreciable. Don’t lie about your former salary or anything of that kind.

Be honest and let things come to you. Lying means remembering everything. Being honest means letting go of fears.

You choose!

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Stephanie Proper is a writer and a career strategist. She works at Resume Writing Services Reviews where she tries to help people to develop their CV writing skills. Looking forward to hearing back from you! .

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