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When first introduced to the concept of shared offices and co-working spaces, it’s common for entrepreneurs and freelancers to respond with suspicion. After all, it does sound a little too good to be true.

You can work in a fun, lively environment around other people and still get things done? It’s everything that the traditional corporate model is against.

Premium co-working spaces are dynamic, exciting, and built around creative collaboration.

There are no drab booths, quiet areas are optional, and tenants are encouraged to chat, develop, and grow ideas together. Best of all is the fact that we now know working from a shared environment can boost productivity by a remarkable amount. 

According to a wealth of studies, co-working really does boost efficiency. So, it’s time to explore the benefits of shared workspaces and find out why this is the case.

It Makes You the Boss

Those same studies offer some insight into why co-working can be so valuable for entrepreneurs and small teams. Many of the benefits are related to control. When you’re not boxing yourself into dull environments or unsuitable routines, you naturally start to feel more motivated.

Co-working spaces and shared offices are designed to offer just the amount of flexibility that you want. Whether you’d like to operate in a fully open-plan office, with plenty of noise and chat, or a quiet area, with the option for collaboration, you can make it happen.

No Time for Office Politics

One major distraction in most workplaces is office politics. It can be hard not to get caught up in unnecessary competition, office dramas, and internal disagreements. These things have a big impact on productivity, and they relate to the sense of isolation inherent in traditional setups. 

In shared environments, there are fewer physical divisions. It’s easier than ever to get out of your seat and ask the person across the room for advice. Competition becomes less destructive, and there is less territorial behavior because everybody is sharing the space.

All the Chances to Network 

It’s true that co-working can help you avoid many of the issues associated with colleagues and internal relationships, but the good news is that it doesn’t keep you from the benefits of interaction. In these environments, there are professionals from all walks of life.

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Plus, by choosing to operate out of a shared space, they’re opening themselves up to the possibility of collaboration. Chatting, brainstorming, peer-reviewing, and all other forms of creative cooperation are encouraged. It’s a great way to meet potential friends and partners.

A Better Work/Life Balance

This next benefit of shared environment is a big one for freelancers and contractors who usually work from their own homes. It’s certainly possible to be efficient and skilled while sitting at the breakfast table, in your pajamas. After all, everybody is different, and we all flourish under different conditions.

Nevertheless, a lack of separation between work and leisure tends to degrade the quality of both. You need a clear division between your job and your home life and heading out to a shared office space is a way to maintain it. It will do wonders for your emotional health too.

Seeking Out Quality Co-working in Australia

Fortunately, there are many fantastic co-working facilities in Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and many of the other major cities are home to these shared office spaces. They accept tenants of all kinds. You don’t have to be a ‘solo-preneur’ or even a small business to take advantage of them.

They can be a very useful asset for bigger companies planning to expand. For instance, it’s common for larger enterprises to use them as a temporary base while exploring potential markets.

They have low rates, negotiable terms, and don’t try to lock users into rigid, uncompromising leases. In fact, you can stay or as long or as little as you prefer.  

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