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Choosing the right career for you is one of the most important aspects that could impact your future growth and happiness. That’s why this decision-making process should not be disregarded.

There’s a lot of career paths one may choose from nowadays depending on his abilities, perceptions, preferences, and passion. And one of the most recognized careers worldwide is the recently emerging field of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

It covers a very large scope of virtual and offline businesses that seek SEO services. Many youngsters opt to choose this career since it offers plenty of opportunities in all other business sectors.

However, many young professionals who are still looking to start their career in SEO often wonder whether it is a good road to take or not because of the different misconceptions regarding this industry.

So to tell you, joining an SEO company is a pretty good idea if you seriously want to prosper in life and be a successful person! So read on as this article will help you to be enlightened with all the important things you have to know before entering this career in SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the science and art of web page optimization to be found by search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.

It is part of science because you will be dealing with the website’s technicalities like codes, information architecture, etc.

An SEO could be also described as a process of making the marketing of goods as efficiently as possible. It plays a fundamental role in the growth of different businesses out there since it promotes their online visibility to the target market.

It seeks to provide the best available resources nearest to people and makes it easier for them to gain access to it by creating an online mirror image of real-world communities.

Why You Should Choose SEO as Your Career

Because of the growing popularity of internet-driven businesses, the emerging field of Search Engine Optimization can be considered as one of the most promising and profitable professions nowadays.

As you can see, the SEO industry is growing so fast and it is a good choice to take this as your professional career. The list of reasons below will surely convince you.

1. High Demand for SEO Services

Search engine optimization services provide help to people’s business websites for it to cope up and adjust with the different search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo) standards and guidelines since these rules are constantly changing.

Business websites should be tailored according to these regulations because the inability to follow and fit with the search engine’s standards and guidelines could result in the website’s fall in ranking. The online business industry widely recognized; thus, search engines are becoming stricter.

And for this very reason, a noticeably increased demand for search engine optimization experts is foreseeable.

2. Makes Good Money

As an SEO professional, you can work for a particular company or as an individual practitioner. You have the freedom to choose and still, expect to earn a lot.  And if you are wondering how much is a lot, you can take look at the Craiglist and Dice, a popular job board that can give you some idea about the compensational rates offered to SEO professionals.

If you choose to work for a particular company, you will probably get the same salary amount with the developers, designers, and marketers or even a higher rate in some situations.

But if you’re planning to work as a freelance practitioner, you don’t have to worry because it will just be the same with working for a company since you will surely get a lot of freelance projects.

3. Added Value to Your Expertise

If you’re a search engine expert with a piece of good knowledge about web designing or developing, it will be advantageous since most of the website owners are looking for a company or a professional who is competent and equipped with skills to render more than one service at the same time.

Website owners looking for people who can do both because it is way lot cheaper because it is such a nuisance to look for a designer to create their website and then hunt for an SEO company or a freelancer to make it search engine friendly.

By extending your expertise and bettering your prospects, you can increase your value and earn more than expected!

4. Logical Step Ahead

You can be one step ahead of your competitors if you’re a marketer or an advertiser who is already working for an online platform with some knowledge about search engine optimization. But if you are not, it is a logical step to take the initiative in learning new skills that can improve you.

Possessing knowledge about search engine optimization can be a game-changer even if it is just the basics. Remember that the expert’s knowledge has just evolved from the basics; you just have to be patient.

5. Ability to Work from Anywhere

One of the perks of being a search engine optimizer is that you can work instantly from anywhere and anytime that you want either alone or not. You can also work home base or do it during a vacation on the beach! 

You might not be able to meet your client personally because there is a high probability that he or she lives on the other side of the globe as well that is why the presence of different communication tools is very important.

6. Certified Career

If you’re thinking that search engine optimization is just another sideline, well, think again. There are legit and viable courses and exams for SEO practitioners. These courses will give you eye-opener knowledge about how important and how rewarding SEO is.

And if you are also thinking that this profession won’t last long, maybe it is time for you to look at your surroundings. The fast escalation of today’s technology offers the SEO profession’s more futuristic and infinite possibilities. It is currently at its nascent stage and it is here to stay.

What are the Recommended Skill Acquisitions?

The technological advancement and the use of the internet continue to widen the portal of endless opportunities for search engine experts. So if you are thinking now of the different requirements upon entering this career, the list below will guide you:

1. Master Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

As an SEO, it is important that you mastered Google’s webmaster guidelines because it is the most prominent search engine known in the world.

And you are called search engine optimizer so it is important for you to have or to learn how search engines work and how you can optimize it.

2. Learn How PPC Works

PPC or Pay per Click provides an immediate result. Businesses pay for it so that their websites will be placed on the sponsored result section by the search engine.

It is important for an SEO to learn or to have knowledge on how to effectively use the result of PPC in analyzing possible realistic outcomes and the state of the website’s offered products.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

3. Development Skills Could Set You Apart

You must have a more advanced skill that could set you apart from other competitors. If you can offer more of your expertise, you will surely stand out and this is advantageous for you! 

4. Learn Offline Local Marketing

Since we are talking about the virtual world of the internet, it doesn’t mean that the spin of the 3D world will no longer matter. You should learn the offline local marketing for you to be more critical and logical in analyzing how to effectively optimize a website.

5. Study A Second Language

You might not be able to personally meet the person who owns the website you are working on with. That is why communication will be a critical aspect of this career.

That is why it is an advantage for you if you have the knowledge or studied a second language since people who ask for your service area from the other part of the globe.

6. Follow the Leaders!

This is the most important thing to learn. You must know how to follow your leaders since they are your leaders for a reason. They have more experiences than you do, and they know more than you do.

As online marketing tactics continue to evolve faster than educational systems can keep up, understanding your field through outside sources is now more important than ever.

Keep in mind that this adaptability might mean learning some things that might intimidate you at first but you should not step back. SEO is an exciting field that allows professionals to learn and grow with their passion.

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