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The problem of gender equality is a very old and important issue of modern society. It was discussed for many years in the far past. Nowadays, it remains relevant as well.

Many people claim that women are suitable for only a wide range of positions and should not take some high posts. Nevertheless, the recent tendency shows the ever-growing potential of the female-workers.

Women are very adaptive and may excellently fit any sphere of human activity. The same goes for the business. Many companies hire women for the position of a developer.

Why is it profitable to hire female developers? Women are:

  • Detail-oriented.
  • More empathetic.
  • Socially developed and sensual.
  • Diverse and innovative.

These are only a few true facts about their qualities. In general, the smart and sensitive approaches of the female-workers bring multiple dividends. They have a different view on various matters and see other ways for improvement and promotion. They are very inventive and oftentimes, offer reasonable and effective innovations.

They can improve the ties with the customers thanks to their understanding of the requirements of the customers. Some customers wish appropriate conveniences and afterward, they would be willing to buy a product or service. Women can provide that. They don’t have testosterone, which helps them to act cool and confidently.

The gender discrimination is out of a need at your company if you wish the prosperity of your business. The combination of both genders will have more advantages if trusting the important project to a single-gender. Their combination may increase your productivity for many a time.

Therefore, you should employ female-workers as well. How to choose the right female employees? You should follow definite rules. These are:

1. Hire Slowly

This is old, but a very effective and proven rule. You should never be hasty. Evaluate all pros and cons. Mind that the A-level developers would suggest the same type of employees because they wish to work with the best.

The B-level female developers would never suggest someone better or even equal. They would recommend the C-level developers to be better by the comparison.

2. Mind Experience and Skills

The great experience is a good sign. However, you cannot trust it each time. You should testify the abilities of all candidates.

3. Put Them Through a Small Test

You should be totally confident that the chosen female developer can fit your requirements. Put her to a test. The practice will show the real capabilities of your developer.

4. Avoid “Rock Stars”

The term “rock star” may be used in different situations. When it comes to the hiring of a developer, you’d better select a good competitive team. You need employees who can collaborate with each other.

If you have a “superhero”, she will induce confrontation because she will be wishing to enjoy the best conditions because she is the best in your team. Remember that the best software was developed by a team of specialists and not in a solo project.

5. Hire the Ones with Aptitude

The world of modern technologies changes each day. Therefore, you will need smart workers who will be able to adapt to all the alterations. The best would be to select such developers who would rather learn something new and not tread the old beaten paths.

6. Consider the Portfolio

You should review the portfolio of the developers you are going to employ. It will tell you whether they can meet your demands. You should understand what a candidate can offer you.

7. Ask for Their Expectations

Finally, it is necessary to identify what the potential employee Asks her about the expected salary, her career ambitions, and whether your candidate is willing to improve herself, as well as promote your company.

Make allowances for all of these facts. They are essential and they will help you to choose the most effective, trustworthy, and suitable candidate for your business.

You should never ignore the potential of the female developers. Thus, you will discover new opportunities for your business because you will receive more points of view and new methods for the advancement of your company.

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Petra Mainer, the novice solopreneur and Founder of GradeScout, studies Information Management, and now she is eager to become a regular contributor for different digital and entertainment blogs. You can follow her on Twitter.

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