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Usually, we’re most productive in the morning. We get to the office, answer emails, and put the finishing touches on projects from the day before. But as the day goes on, our motivation starts to fade.

According to researchers, it’s natural to be most productive in the morning because people’s willpower decreases as their energy drops. This is why difficult tasks should be completed early in the day. One small change like this may not seem to impact your productivity much, but a bunch of small changes can add up.

To help you optimize your productivity, GetVoIP put together this infographic on 19 science-backed productivity hacks. It includes tips to create a hospitable environment, optimize your workflow, and take more strategic breaks.


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Reuben is the founder and CEO of GetCRM. As an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, Reuben brings a wealth of hands-on telecom and cloud computing experience, backed by a 10-year track record in strategically shaping operational functionality in all his ventures.

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