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Did you know that certain scents you inhale can dramatically improve your productivity?

Aromatherapy isn’t one of the most well-known productivity hacks, but it definitely works.

Instead of trying out different prescribed pills to boost your efficiency, why not keep it simple and rely on scents like lemon, citrus and lavender? You can create your own mist or simply use your favorite fragrance to enhance your energy.

The best scents can hack your workday, sustain your attention and help you recharge. It works because smell travels to your olfactory bulb when you inhale it. It passes through your hippocampus and amygdala regions — they’re responsible for your memory and where you process emotions respectively. There are plenty of studies that review how scents improve memory, concentration and cognitive function.

To illustrate, FragranceX analyzed 15 proven scents to help you work. Lavender is one of the most powerful aromatherapies to boost your performance in the workplace. To be more specific, researchers at Yamanashi University found that male students who inhaled lavender during recess were able to concentrate better later in the day. It not only sharpens your focus, but it even helps to recharge your brain. This helps you return to work energized, so you can get more stuff done.

Ginger is another excellent example. If you need to power through a deadline for a project, you can fight your fatigue using this aroma. Additionally, a study in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine revealed that ginger also eases pain. The benefits of this scent are a great combination to use during a workday. You’ll revive your energy as you inhale the sharp, aromatic smell of ginger.

In another study in Japan, researchers found that workers made 54% fewer typing errors when smelling lemon. You can use the tangy scent of lemon to tackle any long proposals you need to finish.

These are great examples of the 15 proven scents to help you work; each comes with unique benefits. You’ll improve your productivity thanks to the boost in brain function from these aromas. Remember, you don’t need a prescription to get these awesome benefits because they’re all natural!

12 Scents Proven to Increase Your Productivity (Infographic)

Infographic Source : FragranceX.com


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