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It happens all the time. Every freelancer had at least one big crash. That awesome idea, that winner solution, that unbelievable service everyone needs and YOU can offer turned into a major failure.

It could not happen, but it did. Suddenly you “wake up” to a nightmare. That planned business has failed, miserably.

Now you doubt if you made the right choice or should come back to the “real” world; the one that allows you to have a safe life working for others.

It seems that being an entrepreneur is not a good idea.

Let´s come back to the safe world. Get back to your beige desk surrounded by white walls, in that horrible building working from nine to five. That’s your safe place. Your “comfort zone”.

But you are a freelancer, not an employee.

You Are an Entrepreneur

You know that every failure is just a turn sign, not a stop.

Also understands that you need to correct your path, not to give up.

You celebrate failure because it is a sign you are doing it right.

If you fail, it only means that you are acting, you are committing. You are taking action.

And that’s what makes you an entrepreneur; take action on your goals.

Life is made of decisions. You have to take chances. You must decide and take action. Every path you choose leads to your goal. If you are focused and have a plan chances are that you get that dream.

Even so, you’ll find obstacles in your way. Remember that “every rose has its thorn”; life is a long path jumping from success to failure. It is a road full of risks and problems.

The difference between a successful freelancer and one who’ll return to the 9-17 cycle is how they react to failures.

Failures Are Opportunities

But beware; I am not saying that you should go straight to failure. No way, You must focus on your dream knowing that you’ll find some troubles. When these obstacles appear, just turn a little and keep moving, DO NOT GO BACK. Do not quit.

When crashes appear, learn from them. Use this knowledge to advance. Next time you face the same problem you´ll know exactly how to deal with it.

Every time you make a mistake you are a little closer to the goal. Remember that “it is not the destination but the journey” what it really matters. Lifetime is just an experiment, success and failure are only isolated events while we live. The importance we give to them is what makes them destroy our dreams or empower our passion.

Persistence, Focus, and Passion

You should understand these three as a big one.

Persistence is the key to achieving your goals. It is the soul of your dream. The difference between winning or losing is that little “extra push up”. When all seems to fail, you force a little more…and you get the prize.

The focus is critical. If you do not know the destiny, how do you expect to get there? If you get distracted, you’ll lose your way. You must stay alerted and focused. If you have a perfectly defined goal AND persist, you are almost there.

You need passion to impulse your actions thru time and problems. If you have no passion you’ll fail halfway. Your passion is that extra energy that makes you wake up early in the morning to get things done. It is that sparkle that lights your face when talking about your project. It is that spirit that keeps you up late at night finishing your job.

Without passion, you`ll never reach your dream.


  • Aim to success. Failures will appear without your effort.
  • Use failures to learn and improve your path
  • Every problem is just a turn, not a stop sign. Keep going
  • Life is a journey full of victories and wrecks. Do not regret on failures, keep moving and celebrate achievements
  • Your PASSION is the key to success. If you do not love what you do, sooner or later you’ll quit.
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