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Maybe you have heard about all the wonderful numbers floating around: a projected 150,000 digital jobs by the year 2020, a worldwide digital economy that is ranging in the billions of dollars, and the fact that just one out of the many social media platforms has well over 1.6 billion users.

Yes, the digital era is here with us, and excellent digital marketing skills quickly become a highly sort after commodity.

We all know that the best way to land the perfect job: one that pays well, fulfills, challenges, and allows you to find that perfect work-life balance is to possess skills that everyone needs. This way, you get to call the shots.

As things stand now, digital marketers fall under this exclusive club.

Highly competent and effective digital marketing specialists have become a highly valuable asset to many companies, both multi-national and SME’s.

By learning how to become a highly-skilled digital marketing specialist, you will be positioning yourself perfectly to thrive in this era.

They say numbers do not lie. According to statisticians, up to 50% of all digital jobs are left unfilled today. These are all positions that could be filled by people like you. People who have the skills and the passion for marketing as well as the aptitude for digital savviness.

With the kind of rise in demand and pay, this is undoubtedly the kind of opportunity many have been waiting for; this is the perfect time for you to become an expert at digital marketing and shine.

Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Career (Infographic)

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Mohammad Farooq works as a Social Media Analyst. When not doing anything related to Social media or Analytics, he goes backpacking around India. He regularly blogs about Travel, Movies, Political Issues and a lot of other things on his blog ReveringThoughts.

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