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The style of a person’s workspace seems like a trivial thing. It’s where work gets done, where learning occurs. And where discoveries are made. So why would the workspace style hold any importance if the work is, for the most part, psychological?

Studies show that a person’s environment may have a larger impact on their productivity levels and work quality than we think.

This idea is illustrated in the below infographic.

Some of the world’s most influential and smartest minds like Elon Musk, Frida Kahlo, and Albert Einstein personalized their workspaces to suit their needs and the resulting variation is intriguing.

From Frida Kahlo’s artsy bungalow to the cluttered desk of Albert Einstein, the effects of their work environments on their creations are apparent.

Think about your work environment. What are your work habits? How does your desk look? What does your routine look like? When you examine your habits, workspace, and production, you may find a correlation between your environment and your productivity levels.

Optimizing your desk style and habits can feel energizing, refreshing, and even inspiring. Finding the best desk style and work habits to suit your needs may take time and effort. But, as proven by these smartest minds, it can make all the difference.


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