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What are resume builders, and why are some people using them? Isn’t your basic knowledge enough to compose the best version of your resume? Maybe. However, most big companies receive thousands of resumes on a monthly (if not daily) basis and are mostly not read by humans anymore. 

Most companies today use resume screening software, or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to quickly filter and rank your resume based on its relevance to the job description that they post.

You’re in luck! We will be discussing a resume builder called Rezi that can help make your resume ATS-friendly. It is one of the many resume builders you might have read on our comprehensive list of free and paid resume builders.

In this extensive (and unbiased) Rezi Resume Builder Review, I will discuss my experience creating a resume using Rezi. I will also discuss the pricing model, support options if any, and any other information. 

After reading this review of Rezi, you will have a clearer idea and know for sure if you should build your next resume using the platform.

So, let’s get started. 

About Rezi Resume Builder

Rezi was originally founded by Jacob Jacquet, Stephen Wagner, and Helen Park

In May 2015, a post in Reddit made by the founders helped a couple of individuals.

Rezi Reddit Post

The Rezi Alpha resume template was the first product offered on a simple WordPress site. After that, they expanded more to South Korea in November 2015 to help Korean job seekers prepare to start their global careers for the first time.

It was that time as well that Rezi became the most recognized global startup in South Korea. They even further scaled their business as they went Software as a service (SaaS). to give job seekers a reliable way to make a Rezi resume in minutes, for free. 

To this date, Rezi now supports resume creation for university career centers and organizations in the United States and South Korea.

Rezi Resume Builder Review

Rezi Score feature

Before I go into the details of the dashboard, I’d like to commend Rezi and its web dev team for the very futuristic and minimalistic design. I love the way they positioned different moving graphics as you scroll down (it is very pleasing and easy on the eyes). It also helps that they used a shade of the color green for their theme.

To be honest, it is hard to paste a screenshot of the website here because there are just so many good things going on their website. So, I decided to just paste a screenshot of the dashboard below so we can go into some specifics:

rezi navigation dashboard menu

As you can see on the dashboard, there are these options:

  • Rezi Score (this is a new feature).
  • Features.
  • Pricing (I love that this is presented here right off the bat).

Let’s took at some the features on Rezi Resume Builder in detail:

  1. Rezi Score
  2. ATS Keyword Targeting
  3. Real-Time Content Analysis
  4. Rezi Expert Resume Review
  5. Flexible Formatting Tools
  6. Resume Link Sharing
  7. Resume Version Management
  8. Export .PDF, .DOCX, Docs

1. Rezi Score

This is a new feature on their website which is pretty cool because it accounts for all the details on your resume in a detailed-metric (Basically, Rezi provides a scoring input of your resume to see if it is good or not). It’s like having a personal quality assurance analyst for your resume.

Rezi Score

Rezi audits your resume through different scoring categories. If a resume entry/experience fails to meet the best practices, then it will be scored accordingly for the jobseeker to be aware of the points of improvement.

There are 4 Categories of Audits, namely:

i. Content Audits:

    • Consistent Bullet Points (critical).
    • Punctuated Bullet Points (critical).
    • Short Bullet Points.
    • Quantified Bullet Points.
    • Weak Bullet Points.
    • Personal Pronouns.
    • Buzzwords.
    • Filler Words.

ii. Format Audits:

    • Page Length (critical).
    • Resume Template (critical).
    • Font Size (critical).
    • Excessive Number of Bullet Points (critical).
    • Low Number of Bullet points.

iii. Optimization Audits:

    • Tailored for Job Description (critical).
    • Defined Experience Level.
    • Defined Industry.

iv. Best Practice Audits:

    • Email Address Included.
    • Skills Included.
    • Dates Included.
    • Location Included.
    • Resume Name.
    • Phone Number Included.
    • Abbreviated LinkedIn URL.
    • Summary Length.
    • Word Count.

2. ATS Keyword Targeting

They have this really cool software which skills and keywords that some applicant tracking systems (ATS) software is searching for. By adding these missing resume keywords, you can instantly improve your chances of being selected for an interview.

ATS Keyword Targeting

3. Real-Time Content Analysis

In addition, to resume keywords, Rezi can also identify formatting errors such as missing bullet points, buzz words, useful content, and more.

Real-Time Content Analysis

4. Rezi Expert Resume Review

Rezi’s professional resume writers team will help ensure that your resume is free of errors, and provides suggestions/tips you can use to improve its contents.

Rezi Expert Resume Review

5. Flexible Formatting Tools

This is common in every resume builder, and I’m glad Rezi has this so you can easily adjust things like font size, line height, and zoom level right within the app.

Flexible Formatting Tools

6. Resume Link Sharing

Rezi now allows you to share your resume with a private, updated, and shareable link. 

Resume Link Sharing

7. Resume Version Management

Rezi also allows you to tailor, duplicate, and organize as many job-specific versions of your resume and cover letter as you need.

Resume Version Management

8. Export .PDF, .DOCX, Docs

Rezi supports downloading as a Microsoft Word DOCX, or. PDF file. You can even export your resume to Google Docs. 

Export .PDF, .DOCX, Docs

Rezi Cover Letter Builder

In addition to resumes, Rezi also allows you to edit, duplicate, and organize as many job-specific and tailored versions of your cover letters as your job search requires. This is perfect for those who are new to composing cover letters.

Rezi Cover Letter Builder

Building a Resume Using Rezi

I checked out the ‘create a new resume’ option first, and I must say I like the pop-up which asked for your resume name, field/domain, and experience. It made me feel as if Rezi really wants to get and connect with me.

Building a Resume Using Rezi

As seen from above, you can also import a resume from your LinkedIn account. I also found it easy to fill out the fields because they have an auto-fill feature when you type in a letter or keyword. After filling out the details, I started to build a resume from scratch:

Notice that there are a lot of parts to complete:

  • Contact.
  • Summary.
  • Experience.
  • Project.
  • Education.
  • Coursework.
  • Involvement.
  • Skills.
  • Finish Up.

In each part, there are fields to fill out and you only have to input your data and Rezi will do the rest! How awesome is that?

I then filled out the contact fields as they were basic information. I moved to the summary part, and this may be challenging for newbies as you may not know what to put. Other resume builders have templates, but Rezi doesn’t so you may have to prepare a summary to input here.

Rezi Resume Builder

Now, after typing your professional summary, you now proceed to input your experience/s. I like that there is a video widget of a person giving you hints on what to do in the top left corner. The idea here is to list your employment experience in reverse chronological order, meaning you start with your most recent job.

Rezi Resume Builder Experience

If you remember the Rezi Score feature that I mentioned earlier in this article, then you may see here below early on, that Rezi is already giving you some points to improve on such as Short Bullet Points, and more (to unlock more audits, you have to pay for their service).

Rezi Score

So, the next thing after the experience is your projects. Rezi’s suggestion is that you input projects that you feel are related to the job that you are aiming to be hired for. There’s no pressure though because if you don’t have any projects, you can simply skip and move forward.

Rezi Resume Builder Project

Now, it’s time to enter your education. This part simply asks you where you studied, but not anything specific to your course.

So far, filling out the fields is simple, but I would have appreciated if there was an auto-fill option or at least a suggestion feature here which would allow newbies to create their resumes easier.

Rezi Resume Builder Education

Anyways, moving forward to coursework here is where you obviously enter what course you took. 

In my honest opinion though, I think this could have been merged with the education part although I think in fairness to Rezi, they may want to separate the two to highlight your actual course work and the skills you have.

Rezi Resume Builder Courework

Next to that would be your involvement. From the looks of it, this is the part where you enter the different organizations or affiliations you might have had during your education years or employment. 

It is where your extracurriculars will be highlighted. The Rezi Video Guy did tell me not to be shy as my intent is to show the employers that I am a great fit for their company. 

Once done, I then moved to the Skills part where you input all the different skills you possess that will help you get hired.

Rezi Resume Builder Skills

So, after you filled in all the pertinent details needed for your resume, you get to ‘finish up’ and see the overview.

Rezi Resume Builder Finishing Up

As you can see in the top left corner, there is a score rating from Rezi based on the different categories of audits. Once you click on it, it shows you a breakdown:

Rezi Resume Builder Status

You may notice that the resume that I had made is deemed ‘not ready’ and I have made 83 critical mistakes. 

I like that Rezi is really frank and elaborate with regard to the scoring. They even have a breakdown of the points of improvement so you can go back to each part of the resume and make edits.

This is also where the A.I. Keyword targeting comes into play. The Rezi AI helps you get past employer resume systems by optimizing your resume with certain keywords. If you remember the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that was mentioned in the introduction part of this article, this is where Rezi does its magic.

Rezi Optimize Your Resume

The Rezi AI detects the keywords that would help your resume be selected amongst other resumes submitted to a company.

Aside from that, you can also make some adjustments on the line height, font size, and how zoomed in/out you want your resume to be.

Rezi my Rezi Score

The template is on a ‘standard Rezi format’ which is recommended for applications for large companies and has full ATS compatibility. Unfortunately, you can’t choose other templates as you have to sign up for the paid subscription in order to enjoy the other features.

Once you are satisfied with what you see and what your score is, you can download your resume on either a PDF format, Word Document, or save it to your Google Drive.

Rezi Export Resume

I always preach that every resume should have a cover letter attached to it, and luckily as mentioned earlier, Rezi also has a cover letter builder. However, it looks like you have to sign up to build a cover letter since they only allow one free use for either building a resume or a cover letter. So, let’s proceed to the pricing instead!

Rezi Resume Builder Pricing

One of the things that I appreciate really about Rezi is that they’re upfront with their pricing on the homepage, which is fair because having an AI which helps resumes get through companies’ different Applicant Tracking Systems shouldn’t be free for all. Below, let’s discuss the pricing and its benefits.

I made a table of the three (3) packages to choose from so that you guys can get an idea:

Package Benefits Price/Month Price/Quarter
Rezi Free Limited features, but you can make one (1) resume and download it via PDF. $0 n/a
Rezi Basic Limited features, but you can make one (1) resume per month, and you can download it via PDF, Word document or export it to Google Drive. $3 $8
Rezi Pro Get the full experience as it allows you to make unlimited resumes, cover letters, and download them via PDF or Word document, or export them to Google Drive. You also get two (2) reviews per month, full content analysis tools, full AI Keyword Targeting, and Priority User Support. $39 $89

Rezi Pricing Options

Rezi Support

I love that Rezi has a chat support widget on the bottom right of the screen, where you can ask any questions. The answer may not be immediate if you are on a Rezi Free package, but I love that they also send you an email (the email that you used to register for Rezi). I did get a reply to my message in about 15 minutes though which is fine for me.

Rezi Pro users get priority support so I would say that they get more immediate responses from the Rezi support team than the other package users.

You can also email hello@Rezi.io if you don’t want to use the chat widget.

Rezi Live Chat

Rezi Privacy and Terms of Service

These are some of their privacy policies:

  • They collect information if and when you provide information to them, automatically through operating their Services, and from outside sources.
  • They collect information automatically such as your logins, usage, location, and any other information from website cookies and other technologies.
  • They don’t share your private information.

I would also like to highlight this statement from their terms of service:

  • By accessing the website at https://rezi.io and all subdomains, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of service, all applicable laws, and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws.

So, don’t be scared to input your information as Rezi makes sure to keep them private.

Rezi Resume Builder Reviews

Rezi has its own Reviews section which contains a lot of positive feedback. It even boasts Rezi as the ‘Most Recommended Resume Software in 2020’ and getting good reviews from websites such as The Next Web, Mashable, Entrepreneur, NBC News, and NY Post.

I also found some positive reviews from Product Hunt about Rezi, as it got 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Rezi Review Product Hunt

Final Thoughts Should You Build Your Resume Using Rezi?

I want to sum up my experience towards Rezi with one word: WOW

I was definitely amazed aesthetically by their website, which is really modern, minimalistic and the graphics are strategically placed to guide neophytes like me through everything.

The edge that they have is their Rezi Score which is like a smart assist program that audits the contents of the resume you are building. A lot of applicants may really find this helpful because you get specific points of improvement you can work on up until you get to the score that you want.

Pricing is upfront and not hidden. The price is also fair, as you get the full features when you subscribe to their pro package.

I would say that one thing they can improve on is to include an autofill or suggestions feature which can help users fill out the data in their resume. Sometimes users may not have the creative juice to create their job descriptions or summary.

Other than that, I would say Rezi is not your typical Resume builder as it strives to also educate you on creating the right resume that is tailor-fitted to the job that you want to apply for. It helps you create a resume that increases your chances of being selected for an interview especially when applying for a big company.

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