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When I graduated, I didn’t know how to create a resume or cover letter properly. I needed someone to mentor me, but I was shy because I was scared of being criticized. 

I turned to the internet for help, and I found a website called Resumehelp, which helped me kickstart the contents of my resume.

Resumehelp is one of the many resume builders you might have read on our comprehensive list of free and paid resume builders.

In this extensive (and unbiased) Resumehelp Resume Builder Review, I will discuss my experience creating a resume using their website. I will also discuss the pricing model, support options, if any, and any other information.

After reading this review of Resumehelp, you will have a clearer idea and know for sure if you should build your next resume using the platform.

So, let’s get started. 

About Resumehelp

Resumehelp is a company from Switzerland. They provide digital services with modern software to edit and build resumes and cover letters.

However, there is no information on who their founders are and how the company started.

Resumehelp Resume Builder

I clicked on the ‘Build a Resume’ button, and saw that building a resume with Resumehelp only takes 3 steps:

  1. Choose your favorite resume style.
  2. Insert pre-written examples.
  3. Download and print your new resume.

Build a Resume in ResumeHelp

By clicking on the ‘Build Your Resume’ button, you are agreeing to Resumehelp’s Terms of use and Privacy policy.

Choose Your Favorite Resume Style

There are 12 colors and 15 resume styles to choose from. If you can’t decide on which to choose, you can always change the template later.

resume styles in Resumehelp

The templates’ descriptions were a fun read since they’re personalized. I had a hard time choosing from these unconventional names since they were so lovely:

  • Kingfish
  • Blueprint
  • Flapjack
  • Greetings
  • Revival
  • Hollywood
  • Angora
  • Empire
  • Providence
  • Gazelle
  • Splendid
  • Akimbo
  • Craftsman
  • Cinematic
  • Bedrock

For example, if you choose ‘Hollywood’ as your template, the description reads as: 

“Someday they’ll see your name in lights. You’re a shooting star, you’ll go very far, with the Hollywood design. Tell them to hold on to your resume– it’ll be worth a lot someday..”

Resumehelp Holywood resume template

I love their play on words, and it gave me the impression that making a resume with them would be fun.

Insert Pre-written Examples

After selecting a resume style, I moved on the edit the contents of my resume. But before that, you will be given 2 choices on how you want your resume to be built:

  1. Build a New Resume — build a resume from scratch.
  2. Upload and Edit My Old Resume — upload and reformat your old resume.

pre-written resume templates

I have my old resume, but I chose to build a new one for this review.

You may notice from the image above that there is a progress bar with 5 parts:

  • Contact.
  • Experience.
  • Education.
  • Skills.
  • Summary.

Resumehelp Resume Builder Progress Bar

There is also a preview where you can see your resume’s overall look and the position of the part you are editing. I would have wanted this to be bigger so that I can see the details up close.

Nevertheless, you also have the option to show your country (which is usually unnecessary). After clicking on the ‘Save and Next’ button, I then moved to edit the experience part.

Resumehelp experience section

Before editing the experience section, you get some essential tips from Resumehelp such as:

  • Listing your work history in reverse chronological order.
  • The start and end dates for each position.
  • Using strong action verbs (“led,” “planned,” “organized,”) to showcase your responsibilities, and include numbers (“Increased sales by 50%”) wherever possible.
  • Avoid using personal pronouns like “I,” “Me,” or “My.”

The tips above are also carried off to the next page through an icon called ‘Writing Tips.’ Each section will also feature different tips, so don’t forget to check each out!

Resumehelp resume builder Writing Tips feature

After clicking on the ‘Save and Next’ button, Resumehelp will ask you to elaborate on your experience.

pre-written experience templates in Resumehelp

Not to worry, Resumehelp provides different pre-written templates that are in line with the job position you entered to help you kick-start your description.

I love this feature because it can help newbies who might not have any idea what to write. It also enables one to format the words through typographic options such as ‘Bold, Italic, and Underline.’

If you can’t find the template you are looking for, click on the ‘Other Examples’ button to search for more options.

experience resume templates

Once satisfied, you can click on the ‘Save and Next button’ to add another position/experience.

adding experience in your resume

If you accidentally moved forward, you don’t have to worry as you can still edit or delete the job position.

I clicked on ‘Next’ to move to the Education part.

adding education in your resume

Editing the fields here was a breeze, but after clicking on the ‘Save and Next’ button, you will be asked to elaborate on your education further.

pre-written education templates in Resumehelp resume builder

Like with the previous section, Resumehelp will provide different pre-written templates to help expound the details of your education.

You can include your GPA, minor course, number of semesters, and more. 

edit educational background in your resume

After clicking on the ‘Save and Next’ button, you can add another degree or move to Skills.

add skills in resume

The list of pre-written templates will always conform to what your job position is. However, you can always search for more templates by clicking the ‘Other Examples’ button if you worked multiple job positions in the past.

So far, I have an easy but great time building my resume because of the pre-written templates and the writing tips

I then moved on and clicked the ‘Save and Next’ button to create my professional summary.

pre-written professional summary

I am further amazed because there’s even pre-written templates/examples in the summary section. 

You can either choose a template or manually type your professional summary. I like that Resumehelp allows you to personalize everything that still helps you when needed.

I’d like to note that I had not signed up for an account with Resumehelp here in this part, so when I clicked on the ‘Save and Next’ button, there was a pop-up that prompted me to sign up first.

create account in resumehelp

Signing up is easy, as you can use your Google account to sign up or enter your other email address.

I also like that there’s an assurance from Resumehelp that all of the personal information is secured.

Anyways, after signing up, I was taken to a page where I can finalize my resume.

resumehelp personal information

Remember earlier when I mentioned that you can still change the resume template?

Resumehelp will even allow you to do that by hovering on the image under ‘Templates.’

resume templates in resumehelp

You can also change the formatting of your resume from Compact, Normal, or Large. If you select ‘Custom,’ then you’re going to get more options to personalize the format.

customize resume templates

You can also add more sections by clicking the ‘Add Section’ button.

add sections in resume

If you want to make sure that there are no spelling errors on your resume, you can click on the ‘Spell Check’ button beside the ‘Add Section.’

Resumehelp resume builder spell check feature

The ‘Spell Check’ feature will track down any words that aren’t found in their dictionary so you can choose to change it or ignore it.

spell check in resumehelp

Once satisfied with everything, it’s time to download your resume. I noticed that there’s a ‘Save and Next’ button, ‘Download,’ ‘Print,’ and ‘Email’ buttons.

I first clicked the ‘Download’ button, and it gave me the option to download the resume in these formats:

  • PDF.
  • Txt.
  • Html.
  • Word Document.

download resume in any format

I selected the PDF format and clicked on ‘Download,’ but then it led me to a page that contains the different pricing of Resumehelp.

download resume in PDF

Even if you click on ‘Print,’ ‘Email,’ or the ‘Save and Next’ button, you will be directed to the upgrade page to download your resume.

Some users may not like the idea of spending time creating a resume, only to find out that the service isn’t free. I think that the pricing should have been upfront on their homepage.

Anyways, we will be discussing the pricing on the next part.

Resumehelp Pricing

To summarize the pricing model of Resumehelp, I have created a table below to detail their packages.




14-Day Full Access

  • Cover Letter Builder.
  • After 14 days, auto-renews to $24.90, billed every 4 weeks
  • Cancel anytime
  • 14-day money-back option if unhappy


Monthly Access

  • Cover Letter Builder.
  • Billed annually.
  • Automatically renews each year, cancel anytime.

$94.80/Year ($7.90/Month)

I think that the pricing model can be improved because a lot of users might find it confusing. Monthly access should be yearly since customers have to pay the annual fee of $94.80 upfront.

The 14-Day full access turns into monthly access after it ends. Anyways, the pricing is fair enough for me since I think that the resume builder is incredible.

Resumehelp Cover Letter Builder

I have stressed in my other articles how important a cover letter is to a resume. 

Although you have to pay for a package to gain access (based on their plans) to Resumehelp’s cover letter builder, I was still able to go to their cover letter builder by clicking the ‘Create a New Cover Letter’ button on my dashboard.

Resumehelp Cover Letter Builder

The dashboard above is how it looks when you have signed up for an account with Resumehelp.

There are 23 templates to choose from in building a cover letter with Resumehelp:

  • Classic.
  • Executive I.
  • Collegiate.
  • Contemporary.
  • Elegant.
  • Original I.
  • Authentic.
  • Academic.
  • Modern.
  • Accomplished.
  • Bold I.
  • Bold II.
  • Scholastic.
  • Composed.
  • Abstract I.
  • Abstract II.
  • Artistic.
  • Eclectic.
  • Metropolitan.
  • Dramatic.
  • Executive II. 
  • Original II.
  • Industrial.

You can choose any template but still, change it later.

Resumehelp cover letter templates

After selecting a template, you will be asked the type of letter you want to create:

  • Cover Letter.
  • Thank You Letter.
  • Business Letter.

Resumehelp cover letter types

I selected ‘Cover Letter’ because this is what needs to be attached to a resume. However, it is nice that you can use the cover letter builder to compose letters to either thank someone or propose a business.

You will then be asked to specify what kind of cover letter you want to compose:

  • General Cover Letter (all-purpose).
  • Career Change.
  • Letter of Interest.
  • Networking.
  • Reference Request.
  • Internship.
  • Military Transition.
  • Recruiter Contact.
  • Returning to the WorkForce.

types of cover letters

I selected the ‘General Cover Letter’ for this review. After that, you will have to fill out the fields of your contact for the heading.

resumehelp general cover letter

After filling out your contact information, you must enter the details of the recipient of your cover letter.

cover letter recipient

After that, you will write the subject of your letter. If you’re not sure, don’t worry as Resumehelp has pre-written examples for you.

pre-written cover letters in Resumehelp resume builder

Be sure also to check out Resumehelp’s writing tips so you will be guided accordingly. Once you have chosen a subject and edited the details, you can proceed to the greeting.

cover letter greeting

I appreciate Resumehelp providing all the help that a user can get, even providing examples for a greeting.

Once done, you will compose the ‘opener’ of your cover letter.

cover letter opener

Making a cover letter so far is easy with Resumehelp. I didn’t even have trouble editing the body of my letter.

editing cover letter body

You can either choose to use the pre-written examples or compose from scratch. They even have it detailed up to the ‘call to action’ and ‘closer.’

cover letter call to action

cover letter closer

Once you are done filling out the fields of your cover letter, you will then get to finalize your content.

cover letter review

If you still want to make a couple of corrections on your letter, you can go back to each part by hovering your mouse to what section you want to edit and clicking that part.

You also can change your template by clicking the ‘See More Letter Types’ button.

It took me less than 10 minutes to compose the letter, and I didn’t feel stressed out.

Resumehelp Blog

Resumehelp has different learning guides and articles to help any user jumpstart their career. Here are some that you can check out:

They also have a website search engine called Knowledge Base that you can use to search for any answers that you may be looking for in terms of career, writing a resume, or more.

Resumehelp Privacy Policy

Here are some highlights on Resumehelp’s policies on privacy:

  1. You can browse the Site without telling Resumehelp who you are or revealing any personal information. Still, if you register with them or use some of their products and services, you choose to give them your personal information.
  2. When you link your account or engage with Resumehelp’s Site through third-party social media sites, you allow them to have ongoing access to certain information stored on those social media sites.

Resumehelp Support

Resumehelp has a chat widget at the bottom right corner of the main webpage.

Resumehelp Customer Support

You can chat about general questions, account issues, and more! Their customer service replies within 5 minutes, which is nice.

Resumehelp Chat Support

If you want to send them an email instead, you can do so by sending it to customerservice@resumehelp.com or use their contact form.

Resumehelp contact support

Resumehelp Resume Builder Reviews

I have found 531 reviews on Resumehelp on Trustpilot. The website also got a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is impressive, and I agree because my experience with them was excellent.

Resumehelp Resume Builder Review

Final Thoughts — Should You Build Your Resume Using ResumeHelp?

Resumehelp is true to its name; It does help people. It helped me create my resume and cover letter in less than 20 minutes. I didn’t encounter any problems at all because there were always tips and pre-written examples.

The resume and cover letter builders also allow users to personalize their content. Using their service is like trying to cook but with a cookbook on hand.

I think one thing that they can improve on is how the pricing was positioned. Some people may not appreciate spending a good deal of time composing their resumes and then get a pop-up that they have to pay first before they can download.

Nonetheless, this website has left a good impression on me in terms of its functionality and aesthetics. 

I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have enough creative juice to create their resumes or cover letters.

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