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Making a resume and a cover letter shouldn’t be a time-consuming task, but a lot of us have experienced taking long hours to perfect our application.

In this modern, fast-paced age, we need resume builder tools to streamline our application to different companies.

ResumeCoach is one of the many resume builders you might have read on our comprehensive list of free and paid resume builders.

In this extensive (and unbiased) ResumeCoach Resume Builder Review, I will discuss my experience creating a resume using their website. I will also discuss the pricing model, support options, if any, and any other information.

After reading this review of ResumeCoach, you will have a clearer idea and know for sure if you should build your next resume using the platform.

So, let’s get started. 

About ResumeCoach

ResumeCoach is a platform where users can come to get expert advice and find professional guides to understand better how to create a winning resume to land the job they’ve always wanted.

Setting up Your ResumeCoach Account

You can sign up for ResumeCoach using your account in Google or LinkedIn, or simply get started and build a resume.

Setting up Your ResumeCoach Account

Building a Resume with ResumeCoach

After clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button, you will proceed to select a template. This is the 1st step and you can choose from over 12 templates.

Don’t worry because you can still change it later. There are also 6 different steps to build a resume with ResumeCoach:

  • Templates.
  • Contact Information.
  • Objective.
  • Experience.
  • Education.
  • Skills.

Building a Resume with ResumeCoach

The 2nd step is filling out your contact information and uploading a photo. I also love that there is a live preview of your resume as you edit.

ResumeCoach contact information

After filling out your contact information, the 3rd step is working on your resume objective. The objective summarizes your career goals.

ResumeCoach resume objective

There are also formatting tools to help you emphasize different words in your content. If you’re in a pinch, you can also click on ‘Tips’ to get some must needed guidance.

Each step has different tips, and you can always check to make sure you are maximizing all ideas to build your resume.

ResumeCoach tips

After that, you proceed to edit your work experience in step 4. You can list your experience in chronological order from your most recent, down to the first.

ResumeCoach resume builder work experience

To edit each experience, you simply have to hover and click on a position.

ResumeCoach edit resume

I didn’t have any problems filling out the fields, and the best part is there are pre-written phrases that you can use for your job description depending on the title/position indicated on your experience.

ResumeCoach resume builder pre-written job description

You can also use the search bar to look for pre-written templates for any position. This had made it very convenient and easy to use the resume builder so far.

The 5th step is editing the contents of your education.

ResumeCoach pre-written templates

It has the same concept as editing your work experience. The only difference is that there are no pre-written phrases in the description field.

adding skills in ResumeCoach Resume Builder

The 6th and final step is editing your ‘Skills’. Entering details is so easy because there are pre-written phrases.

A search bar is also available to look-up phrases tailor-fitted to the work experiences you entered. You can either use the pre-written phrases or compose your own.

ResumeCoach pre-written skills templates

If you’re satisfied with all the details, you can then click on the ‘Finish’ button. 

A list of additional sections will pop-up such as:

  • Projects.
  • Certifications and Courses.
  • Publications.
  • Custom Sections.
  • Achievements.
  • Honors and Awards.
  • References.

ResumeCoach resume builder additional sections

Adding a section would add another step with more fields for you to fill out. Step 7 would comprise of the section that you added, and so on.

ResumeCoach adding projects

If you don’t have anything more to add, you can proceed to finalize your resume by clicking on the ‘Finish’ button.

ResumeCoach download resume

Here you get to review your resume and go back to edit each section. You can also edit the color of the header, font style, and font size.

If you’re satisfied, you can either download your resume (either a PDF or Word Document format) or share your resume through a link.

However, you are only able to download or share your resume if you upgrade to ResumeCoach’s different Unlimited Plans

ResumeCoach Pricing

Here we will discuss the pricing model of ResumeCoach. I have made a table to summarize the different features per plan.




14 Days Basic

  • Use on multiple devices
  • Unlimited downloads (as PDF or TXT)
  • Access to basic templates

$0.95 for 14 days, then, your subscription will automatically be renewed at $29.95, to be billed every 4 weeks.


14 Days Unlimited

  • Use on multiple devices
  • Unlimited downloads (as PDF or TXT)
  • Access to basic templates
  • Access to premium templates
  • Unlimited expert resume tips

$1.95 for 14 days, then, your subscription will automatically be renewed at $29.95, to be billed every 4 weeks.

Monthly Unlimited

One-time payment of $95.40, to be automatically renewed every year.

ResumeCoach also offers a limited 14-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Building a Cover Letter with ResumeCoach

I have always stressed how important a cover letter is to any resume. We will be discussing ResumeCoach’s cover letter builder in this section.

Once you signed up for a profile, this is how your dashboard will look like:

Building a Cover Letter with ResumeCoach

If you have made a resume, you can also duplicate it by clicking the ‘Duplicate’ button, or delete it by clicking the ‘Delete’ button.

resume duplicates in ResumeCoach

To create a cover letter, simply click on the ‘+New Cover Letter’ button.

Create new resume in ResumeCoach

There are 13 cover letter templates to choose from. You can also select another template later.

Not all templates allow for a photo to be uploaded.

There are 7 steps to build a cover letter with ResumeCoach:

  • Templates.
  • Personal Contact Information.
  • Date of Cover Letter.
  • Recipient Contact Information.
  • Greeting.
  • Body.
  • Closing.

Filling out your contact information, the date of the cover letter, Recipient, and the Greeting is all easy since you simply have to fill out the fields.

build a cover letter with ResumeCoach

ResumeCoach resume date

ResumeCoach resume builder recipient contact information

Some steps also have tips to further assist you in composing the best version of your cover letter.

cover letter tips ResumeCoach

body of cover letter ResumeCoach

The body of the letter has a pre-written content on the preview of the resume. However, once you type in words on the field, then it will be replaced.

If you are having trouble, you can click on ‘Tips’ to get an example of the letter’s body. 

ResumeCoach cover letter tips

Once you are satisfied, the final step is to close your letter (this is easy).

ResumeCoach close your cover letter

Clicking on the ‘Finish’ button allows you to finalize your cover letter. Here you can change the template, or edit the different sections.

Download cover letter in ResumeCoach

If you like what you see, you can download or share your resume online (however, you have to be upgraded to an unlimited plan).

ResumeCoach Job Board

Once you’ve made your resume and cover letter, it’s time for you to apply for a job. Typically, you would go to a different website, or print out your resume to physically apply.

The excellent news is ResumeCoach has a job search function and is conveniently located on your dashboard

ResumeCoach Job Search

If you scroll down further, you can also see some suggested job vacancies.

ResumeCoach job vacancies

Clicking on a job vacancy will redirect you to different webpages where the job vacancy is posted.

ResumeCoach Privacy Policy

Here are some of the privacy policies of ResumeCoach:

  1. ResumeCoach is owned and as such operated by Lead Career S. L. with headquarters in Spain.
  2. Users are also informed of the release and/or transfer of their data to entities that participate in the development of ResumeCoach activities offering information technology management services, and more.
  3. The personal data that users provide through the Website will be treated under the regulations of personal data protection in force in Spain and the European Union.

ResumeCoach Support

ResumeCoach has a chat support widget on the bottom right corner of their website where you can chat with a live agent. The chat response is also immediate and timely.

ResumeCoach Support

You can also use their contact form to inquire via email or send them an email directly to  contact@resumecoach.com.

ResumeCoach email contact

ResumeCoach also has an online ‘suggestion box’ where you can drop any new ideas that you think will contribute well to their website.

ResumeCoach online ‘suggestion box

ResumeCoach also has different articles to help users make the best versions of their resumes, and jumpstart their careers:

ResumeCoach Resume Builder Reviews

Trustpilot gave ResumeCoach a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. I don’t see many complaints because ResumeCoach is straightforward with its services and pricing model.

ResumeCoach Resume Builder Reviews Trustpilot

Final Thoughts  Should You Build Your Resume Using ResumeCoach?

Yes. Although ResumeCoach isn’t free, it is worth every penny because you get a solid resume and cover letter builder.

Both builders offer a good variety of templates, tips, and formatting tools. The user experience is excellent because the software is just so easy to use. I was able to make my resume and cover letter in less than 15 minutes.

The user interface isn’t bad as well, because the website looks modern and relevant.

I highly appreciate ResumeCoach for including a job search engine on the dashboard. Initially, I thought that the jobs weren’t recent, but the links would lead you to websites that offer job vacancies upon searching and exploring.

Overall, ResumeCoach gives any user the complete experience to learn through different articles, build a resume and cover letter, and apply for various jobs all on one website.

I would definitely recommend using ResumeCoach’s website if you’re looking to speed up your job search.

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