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Every day millions of CVs and resumes reach hiring managers with a hope of finding a dream job. However, most of them make the same mistakes over and over again, which significantly reduces their chances of being hired.

Your resume is a tool of communication between you and a potential employer. So you need to make resume writing as interesting and informative as possible.

By following the following resume writing rules and the advice below, you will be able to intrigue the company and make it want to learn more about you and your experience.

1. Concreteness

It is important to tailor your resume writing to every company you are applying to.

Every hiring manager knows how a copy-pasted CV looks like. If you don’t spend enough time and energy on creating a resume for this particular company, it will most likely be neglected and forgotten. Or you will never have a chance to apply for the job in this company again.

Take your time to adjust the data and it will bear fruit!

2. Understand Your Goals

Very often employees only want to get a job, no matter what the company’s goals and aspirations are.

It can be a good deal in the short run, but most employers prefer hiring those, who understand their needs and want to work on the company’s goals and make profits.

Decide whether you want to go in the same direction with them and make sure they know what your value is.

3. Do a Research  

It is not only important to understand what the company’s goals are. But also to know more about its history and background.

Be prepared and the hiring manager will definitely be impressed to see that you have a clear vision of what the company stands for.

Let your resume reflect your knowledge and your place in the company. There is nothing more valuable than an employee, who shares corporate interests and goals.

4. Be Original

Almost 90% of all CVs are written in the same pattern.

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the rest, avoiding cliché phrases, like ‘goal-oriented’, ‘team player’, ‘book lover’ and so on. Spice up your hobbies, add appropriate jokes if the vacancy allows it.

If you like superhero movies, indicate it in your CV. Who knows, maybe the hiring manager has the same hobbies! Be original, know what you are good at and you will definitely be noticed!

5. Prove Your Value

Every employer wants to find a person, who will be ready to solve specific problems and take the company to the next level.

That is why it is important to show how your skills and previous experience may be useful for the company. And its goals. Your CV should reflect your importance for the company.

Best resume

Don’t hesitate to add examples and references if needed. Prove that you are the person they are looking for!

6. Quantify Your Achievements

Apart from being specific, always try to use numbers when describing your previous experience.

A big plus will be if you use dollars, per cent or periods to show how you managed to solve complex tasks. Or increase the company’s revenues.

If you are a technical specialist, you can include the duration of the projects you were working on or the benefits your software can offer.

7. Eliminate Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

It often happens that a job seeker has a powerful resume but the overall impression is ruined by multiple mistakes or spelling errors.

Try to avoid such problems and revise your CV as many times as needed to make sure that your resume is flawless.

You can use a dictionary if you are not sure how to write the word correctly or download special computer software.

8. Choose a Proper Formatting Style

Your resume should become your business card and an effective tool of grabbing the interest of the target audience (a hiring manager, for example). That is why it is important to have a clear understanding of what formatting style to use in order to present yourself in the best possible way.

There are such types of resumes as chronological, functional, targeted and combinational. They all differ depending on the set of skills you have and the type of position you want to occupy.

Make sure the chosen format corresponds with your experience and reflects your best qualities, avoiding possible weak points.

In addition, pay attention to the formatting style you use: fonts, size of the letters and so on.

Make sure your resume is not overcrowded with images and colours, which can be applied only if you are a designer or any other creative specialist.

9. Prioritize Information

Hiring managers say that they need only a couple of seconds to see whether a particular resume deserves their attention.

This means that you will only have a few moments to grab the interest of the reader and make him want to know additional details.

In such a case, prioritizing information may be great advice. You need to put important information and key achievements first. In such a way, hiring managers will have access to relevant information at once, without surfing your resume.

Remember, an ability to concentrate on key points and highlighting them is a very useful and appreciated skill in resume writing.

10. Promote Yourself

Remember that your CV is your marketing project.

An instrument, which will give you a chance to occupy the position of your dreams. So you need to do your best to impress a hiring manager and let him see how you stand out from other candidates.

No one else will promote yourself better than you will. So you need to focus on the things, which will help this particular company flourish with your help.

Make sure you highlight all the relevant skills you possess, avoiding aspects, which have nothing to do with this particular position. Don’t be afraid of promoting your strong sides, as managers value candidates, who stand on their ground.

Creating an outstanding resume is more difficult than may seem because your CV will be just one of the many documents on the manager’s desktop. That is why it is important to make it a marketing tool and show all your strong sides, without being a bore.

Use the above advice to create a killing CV and you will definitely catch the employer’s attention!

Written By
Brandon Grondwrint, a contributor at an educational website ResumesArea for graduates and specialists, who are willing to chance their specialization and to find the job of their dreams.

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