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​You want to impress the recruiter as soon as possible, and a great way to achieve this is to avoid all the common mistakes that infuriate recruiters.

1. No Keywords

Yes, you read right. Keywords are not just for website content, but it has evolved to become an important part of your resume. You may not upset your recruiter with this mistake, but your resume might never be viewed by the recruiter, which is even worse.

​These days, your resume will go through a word recognition software program which will then extract the keywords related to the job. If these are not included, your resume immediately is immediately eliminated from the process.

​Visit the company website and take a detailed look at the job ad. ​ You should find a lot of great keywords there.

​If this new development makes you nervous, you can always find some cheap resume writing services, to eliminate the guessing.

2. Several Pages

By now, we are aware of the one-page resume, yet some applicants still feel it’s necessary to write long resumes that run over two pages.

​You need to understand that recruiters are busy and they will likely not read through your 10-page resume.​

​Keep it to a max of 2 pages, but nothing more. Also, do not try to include everything on these 2 pages, because you will end up with an unreadable font and no structure.

​These resume mistakes are easily avoidable and therefore receives no more mercy from recruiters. Highlight the most important achievements that can be measured by the recruiter or the employer.

3. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

We should not be discussing spelling and grammar mistakes anymore, yet here we are. Many applicants still fail to proofread their resumes and it is unacceptable. If you really want to get the job, you have to go the extra mile.

​You could have all the right requirements and fit the job perfectly, but a poorly written resume will upset the recruiter. If you have poor language skills, find cheap professional resume writers and leave the job to the professionals.

​They probably have tools and programs to eliminate any spelling and grammar mistakes.

4. Generic Cover Letter

This is a huge mistake and comes down to laziness. Every job deserves a letter specifically written for the position the company is offering. This will show that you are interested in and deem this as an important application.

​You cannot send the same generic cover letter to all recruiters in the hopes of it being accepted.

​ Be specific in your cover letter about why the position is of interest to you. You can also match your skills to what is required.

​These recruiters see so many cover letters and can usually tell if it is generic or specifically written for the job.

5. Exaggerating

It is never a good idea to provide false information in a job application, but it is also not acceptable o make a big deal of a small achievement. Mention the achievement and then let it be.

​Do not exaggerate anything in your resume, but rather come across as a modest person with much to learn. There should always be room for improvement, so do not play up too much.

Dishonesty is one of the biggest mistakes an applicant can do. You do not only waste your own time but also that of the recruiter.

​Always know that every qualification and achievement will be checked and if it comes out that you have been dishonest, it takes a lot of credibilities away from you.

6. Unexplained Job Gaps

You need to explain why you were between jobs at a certain time on your resume. Many applicants just simply leave this information out without any explanation.

​This is information is very important to recruiters in order for them to sum up your character.

​It does not need to be a long explanation, but a one-line sentence should be sufficient.

​You can further explain if you are called for an interview.

10 Things Recruiters Will Totally Hate About Your Resume

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Pay careful attention to the application requirements and make sure that you get it right. Do not miss a step, because you might be the perfect candidate and it would be terrible if your application is declined because you failed to comply.

​Proofread your resume and make the necessary edits. I would even suggest that you ask someone you can trust to read through your resume, just to be safe.

​You have one chance to impress a recruiter, so make the most of it.

​Your application is going to be a reflection of you as a person and the recruiters will base their decisions off that.

Good luck on your journey to finding a job and remember, you are worth it.

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