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A resume is like the first knock on a company’s door that if you want to get answered, should be loud, clear, and inviting. Never misinterpret your resume as a mere piece of paper carrying your career info. Or think that it’s the personal interview that requires all the hard work. No, no, no, and a hundredth time no.

In such a hush-hush job market, where surly worthy job opportunities are far less compared to the number of able candidates, a resume can’t be taken for granted. As based on it, the hiring manager decides whether to call you for an interview or not.

So, if you want your resume to land on the HR manager’s list of suitable candidates, pay attention to what goes in your resume.

We studied several resumes, talked to recruiters, and even the industry experts on the subject. All efforts just to understand and search the factors that improve a resume’s hireability factors.  

Here, presenting you the essence of our study in eight points, which we feel if followed by a job seeker, will improve his/her resume’s hireability quotient by approx 160%.

Go forward, read, understand, and update your resume, for your career growth and development!

1. Different Resume for Different Recruiters

The heading in itself is self-explanatory, i.e. a job seeker should avoid the practice of sending the same resume to prospective companies out with vacancies.

Wondering why? Well, like each company is different with a distinct working style and unique job requirement, likewise the resume that’ll get you to it should also be tailor-made according to the job profile.

For starters, thoroughly study the company and go through the job description. Then accordingly alter your resume for the specific job. Like, revise/mold the mentioned skillset in a way that portrays you just the right catch for the job.

Also, you can show your interest in the domain the company is operating.

2. Customize It to Your Profession

Resume making is an art. Don’t just think of it as a piece of black-white paper giving chronological information about your career path.

Our research pointed out that resumes that are based on a theme or are unique thanks to the use of infographics, vectors, photographs, or any attractive element grab recruiters attention.

However, don’t waste your time struggling with Microsoft Word image and border placement. Instead, save your time and use an online resume website like Canva that stock resume templates for various professions. All you have to do is re-write the text with your information.

3. Words to Include and Avoid

When working on your resume, don’t just pay attention to the visual aesthetics, also take into consideration the ‘word’ you are using.  Starting with what to include – make use of industry-specific terminology, keywords, jargon, and buzzwords, it hikes up the hireability of a resume by a good percentage.

Next up, see that you limit the use of the personal pronoun in the resume write up, as it creates a not-so-mature impression on the reader.

Action verbs are what you should emphasize; it portrays you as a motivated candidate who believes in doing and not just talking.

One last important writing tip for a resume is restricting the use of the term ‘team player’, the recruiter is interested in knowing you as a person, your capabilities, and not so much about your team spirit at the moment.

4. Pay Attention to Skill Segment

The skill segment is considered as one of the most crucial section of a resume. A significant chunk of resume scrutiny and shortlisting is based on the applicant’s skills.

Now, here’s a trick, you should present your skills in a way that makes you look suitable for the job. Make use of pie or bar charts to indicate your forty in different work zones.

Few things that come in the never-to mention skill list are – first, talking about your efficiency in basic computer know-how (maybe ten years ago it would have worked, but not today).

Second, avoid mentioning your proficiency in a foreign language based on two-years of high school study.  

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5. Limit to One-page 

Most job seekers are under the impression that a small, one-page resume will not make a good first impression. It is often confused as a representation of a candidate with less experience and skill. Believe us; it’s not a real thing. On the contrary, hiring managers love short and to-the-point resumes.

They are not only easy to go through but also help recruiters connect well to all your education, experience, and skills.

6. Focus on Accomplishments than Responsibilities 

This one is important and must follow tips by all job aspirants. It is a common practice to add previous job responsibilities in a resume. But they are of no use if not accompanied by accomplishments.

Resumes with pointers telling how well a candidate performed at the last job tend to have a high heritability ratio.

As a tip to improve your hireability, try and be as quantitative as possible while talking about your achievements, it makes them appear real, accurate, and reliable.  

7. Overlap Objectives with Career Summary

Adding objectives as the first thing on a resume is an outdated practice. It’s high time to break the monotony and do things smartly. Instead of going for the repeated looking career objectives, give your resume some fresh air with a new and better-looking pointer called career summary. Here, unlike the objective section, mention your personal and professional self.

Devote time to create a crisp, precise, and powerful summary that grabs recruiters’ attention and ends his search for the perfect candidate.  

8. Make it Error-free

Revise, review, rewrite. That’s the last trip of the day. No recruiter likes to read a resume with errors making an appearance now and then. Be it grammatical, spelling, or a mere typo; all errors are viewed with an eye of disgust.

After finishing your resume, read it multiple times or share it with a friend you think can help make it better and error-free.

You can also take the help of online language error detectors like Grammarly to make your resume look top-notch, standing tall and strong advertising you in the best possible way.

With these eight resume tips, you are sure to improve your hireability percentage by a big chunk. So, freshers start working on a fresh new resume template and experienced individuals open up your old-style resume and give it a power boost-up with these well-researched and proven set of resume factors.

Best of Luck!

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Prince Kapoor is Independent Marketing Analyst and Blogger. While not working, you can find him in gym or giving random health advises to his colleagues which no one agrees on :D. If you too want some of his advises (on health or on marketing), reach him out on Twitter.

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