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It’s a plain and simple fact that it is tough to find a job in the current economy. The job market is just brimming with qualified applicants, all fighting over the same few vacancies. This means that whether you’re a recent college graduate, or an experienced professional looking to try something new, your CV or Resume absolutely has to stand out from the crowd.

Relying on wowing your potential employer face-to-face in an interview is a plan that is set to fail, as only those candidates with the best CV and resume will even make that stage of the process. It’s hard to make yourself stand out when so many people have similar qualifications, but there are some tools available to ensure that your CV doesn’t include any common mistakes.

Online Proofreading and Editing Resources

Online proofreading and editing resources can provide great insight regarding the mistakes you are making. It can often be difficult to critique ourselves, and friends and family are often too kind to provide real feedback.

Having the option to send your work to a professional can massively improve your chances of success, as these experts know exactly what your resume or CV should contain, and are entirely sure of the appropriate language and tone.

This service is available through CV resources like Big Assignments, which is extremely simple and easy to use. They are able to proofread documents, however, they can also be used as an online CV writing service, and put all of your skills, talents, and accomplishments into practice. 

Improve Your Writing Skills

You can also choose to learn from professionals, by following guides online using CV resources such as those available with Australian Help or even take some quality writing courses. Real online writing courses will place you in a great position to not only write your CV, but also come up with business plans, proposals, and web content in the future.

A great example of a professional course that’s available specifically aimed at writing is Academized. This is a course that would help your CV writing, and also be a great addition to your CV, as it is a recognized and desirable qualification.

Use Online Templates

One of the hardest things to do when you’re staring at a blank page and trying to write a CV is knowing where to start. There’s a whole range of templates available that can give you a great format that you can adapt to your specific skill sets. This is a great way to figure out what is relevant and what isn’t, and where you should include certain pieces of information about yourself.

Having a CV littered with irrelevant information, or overly long for the job you’re applying for can be extremely off-putting for a potential employer, and is likely to result in your CV being thrown in the trash.  Do You Buzz is a great option for a resume builder, and takes a lot of the pressure of designing your CV, and helps you come up with a brilliant layout, filled with the relevant content with no hassle at all.

The template can also jog your memory and remind you of skills, qualifications, and experience you have, that you may have forgotten about when you’re trying to remember things from school. As it’s easy to draw a blank, the template is a great way to just get started and put pen to paper, and of course, there’s no obligation to keep the template in its initial format. You can change the template and alter it to your taste, however, it’s definitely a good place to start.

Check And Double Check Everything

Whatever you write should be looked over with a fine-toothed comb before it’s uploaded to a job site or sent out to any potential employers. You should be sure that there are no errors at all, that the language is perfect and there are no spelling and grammar errors. If there’s a limit on the length of your application, you should be making sure you keep track of that too.

Some of the best tools out there for this kind of proofreading your CV are completely free and available online. One great CV resource is the Hemingway App, which makes sue your writing is strong and to the point. This is a step further than a spelling and grammar checker, as it will also look for too many adverbs, complicated clauses, and other mistakes that could drag down your CV.

Always Be Appropriate

A Readability Score can also make sure that you’re not writing at too high or low a level for the job you’re applying for, as being appropriate is essential, and can make you seem like a good fit. As you should keep in mind the length of your document, you can keep an eye on your word count with Easy Word Count.

While no CV resources can give you qualifications or experience, they can make sure that all of your skills are well presented on a CV with a flawless layout, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

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Sharon Conwell has been a content manager and ghost writer at over 20 online projects, now she is a part-time educator and an editor at Big Assignments. She’s specializing at content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby.

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