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Today’s global economy has totally altered the workplace.

Thanks to technology, online collaboration and communication has never been this easier.

This also made remote work more popular. More and more people are now working outside of offices. We are now even seeing the so-called digital nomad revolution.

But, is this remote work culture making employees happier?

TinyPulse conducted a comprehensive study if remote working is actually beneficial for businesses.

Here are some important points from the study.

Employees Want Location Independence

41% of employees who work remotely say that they enjoy the freedom of choosing when or where to work.

This is also backed up by the fact that 91% of remote workers assert that they get more work done outside of the office.

Remote Work Allows the Individualization of Work Habits

Employees are usually bound by the normal 9 to 5 workweek from Monday to Friday.

However, the happiest employees wanted seven days a week with shorter hours. Some, even prefer the unusual night workweek hours.

Different employees have different work habits. Getting them to work remotely allows for a more flexible work setup that would make them more productive.

Over-Communication Can Be Harmful

In a typical office environment, managers can be over-communicating with their employees. There are daily meetings, team buildings, outings, feedback and a lot more.

The study shows that some workers find the levels of communication in a typical work environment to be really excessive.

34% of remote workers prefer to communicate with their supervisor for only once a week. That is way less than what office employees are accustomed to.


Giving your employees the location independence, work and communication preferences that they want could make them happier and more productive.

If you are building your business in today’s global workforce, make sure you strongly consider remote work for your employees.

Check out this remote work infographic that TimeDoctor.com created out of the study.


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Carlo Borja is the Head of Online Marketing for Time Doctor, a time tracking software for remote teams. He is a full-time telecommuter, a digital nomad and a coffee junkie.

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