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Recent statistics showed that more than 200,000 people shift to working from home in the last ten years.

These days, people are now more into remote working than having a regular office job. This is not so surprising since remote working offers a lot of perks that most regular employees envy. Let’s take a look at the career and lifestyle changes one can enjoy as a remote worker.

1. Increase in Productivity

There are lots of evidence showing that productivity increase when working from home. According to a study, about 91% of remote workers believe that they have been more productive when working from home compared to having regular office jobs.

Working from home or remote working gives you choices that can be limited in a regular workplace. This gives you the freedom to choose when and where you are comfortable working. Thus, you can choose the best time and place which can boost your productivity.

It doesn’t matter even if you work in your pajamas in the middle of the night for as long as it makes you more productive and you can produce quality results at the expected time.

2. More “Me Time”

Perhaps, this is one of the obvious perks of being a remote worker. Being a remote worker gives you more personal time which you can spend alone or with friends and relatives.

As a working from home employee, you can choose your most desired time to work. You don’t have to follow the usual 8-5 working schedule. Thus, you can spend “me” time whenever you want.

Also, one of the common issues of a hectic regular job is poor health habits. This can change when you have a more personal time to focus on your health. You have time for healthy choices of food to eat and you have time to exercise for the total wellness of your body.

Overall, more “me” time gives you a chance to think about other things in life outside of your professional career and give you some time to make some personal development.

3. You Feel Happier and Less Stressed

Enjoying the freedom and flexibility brought by remote working makes most workers happy. They feel less stressed and pressured as they can work comfortably. You are also more socially active which helps you to distress during challenging work situations.

Likewise, as a remote worker, you don’t have to force yourself to work on a certain time even if you don’t feel like working. This alleviates stress and frustrations. Unlike a regular employee, you feel happier with what you do because you feel less pressured by the rules and guidelines of the workplace.

4.  No More Absences

Remote working means you are not obliged to work at a certain time or day which means you don’t have to worry about absences and the no work- no pay rules. You can be your own boss. You are paid based on what you and your employer have agreed on and for as long as you can fulfill your obligations at an agreed time.

Moreover, you don’t have to struggle for the everyday commute. You don’t have to endure the challenge of braving the traffic every day. It lessens the feeling of stress. When there is no stress, you rarely get sick which means you have enough energy to do the task assigned to you.


Being a remote worker isn’t easy. But with the benefits it brings, both to the employees and employers, the idea of having a remote working program cannot be negated. It can be a competitive edge for workers as well as for businesses. So get on board and take on this path and who knows this could be the career shift you are waiting for.        

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