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Recruitment has changed drastically over the last few decades. It has become one of the integral operations within the department of human resources. The moment we hear recruitment, the first image that forms within our brains is a horde of application forms and candidates lining up for the interviews.

However, gone are the days when one had to go through the piles of resumes and zillions of interview rounds to get the right fit for the job.  

With today’s changing scenario, recruitment is seeing growth in some of the new trends which can help them to get the best talent efficiently without wasting a lot of time and resources. Let’s have a go through these upcoming trends in the sector of recruitment:

1. Hiring Through Social Media

Social media has already seeped within the nook and cranny of every person’s world. Everybody is using this craze to benefit their businesses or services, especially in terms of recruitment. Many recruiters consider it as one of the major sources of for getting candidates.

However, the work increases in terms of filtering as a wide number of people with varied backgrounds apply for the job. However, it too serves to the best of the interests as these candidates can be sorted out based on their capabilities.

With around 2 billion users out of which three-fourths of active social media users serve the whole purpose of reaching out to every person with the right skills

2. Use of Technological Options

Hiring candidates from all over the world without meeting in person is quite possible, thanks to the evolution of technology.

The use of modern amenities such as video interviewing, nonparallel interviewing and online assessments have helped in increasing the efficiency of the hiring process by almost a very huge margin, allowing us to reach out to the long-distance based talent without any hassles or hiccups.

3. Outsourcing Is in

One can often see these days that the hiring strategy is beginning to be made just like any other normal strategy. The top brass of the company is showing keen interest and also giving specific requirements as to what skills they require for getting the work done.

In the present scenario, the companies are outsourcing these candidates to make sure that they have the best talent to work with.

The RPO frameworks taking a shot at a sound innovation stage can perform work competitor matchmaking and present world-class understanding to all gatherings included while at the same time overseeing expense and time efficiencies

 4. Analysis Is the Basis

 The HR leaders are playing a pivotal role in the running of the business; hence the title of Business HR. The companies expect their HR leaders to analyze the numbers and give the top leaders a sound picture to make business decisions or strategies.

Gone are the days of making decisions based on good faith, every one of them needs to be data-driven. However, until now this data hasn’t been properly utilized by the talent acquisition leaders, says a study done by LinkedIn.

Although one can now see a slow rise as the lead acquisition leaders have started using these for their core functions such as workforce planning, workforce utilization, and also dabbling with the scope of sourcing.

5. Branding Matters

Today’s candidates are like consumers who lookout for the best company based on their branding and packaging. With such a picture in action, recruiters have become more conscious of the fact that it is slowly becoming more of a marketing process too.

Branding is to gain much more importance in the future to come. The more attractive the company looks the more interested the employee would be in working. The companies have already started focusing on attracting candidates through their postings on social media accounts or through the videos to give them a feel as to what they have to offer.

6. Reaching The Talent Through Mobiles

In this mobile ridden world, most of the candidates are available on their mobile and is one of the most important sources of finding the jobs. Hence the recruiters need to ensure their presence on all the mobile-optimized sites and apps on their fingers.

One can always miss out on a valuable source by not using this important method. Hence, recruiters need to focus their searches to be more mobile-friendly which will ensure them more coverage and reach to the talent pool.

7. Work Experience Matters

With everyone fighting the conflict to attract the best talent, it is clear that organizations are now focusing on delivering an unparalleled experience to prospects. Though in the past, this intent was limited to industries like IT, but now is slowly being adopted by all the other ones as well.

Good working experience can be quite a brilliant strategy for the company to attract the best talent but a bad experience can make even the best candidate turn down the job.

Good talent deserves to be respected and expects the same from the company they work for. One might not work for an organization that has no interest in their employees.

8. Assigning Work Online

Working in a company that resides in a country like India, which is on the verge of reaping the demographic results, frontline hiring becomes quite an important part of the recruitment mix. Conducting selection interviews is a mammoth process and get the desired as well as accurate results.

Online assessments are a man-made genius solution to such scenarios. Not only they allow you to assess the talent of the person but also they give you an exact idea of what the person is capable of. Many companies are now relying on this method of assessing the capability of the person on a specific skill set.

9. Passive Is the New Active

It is a form of hiring which has been catching the attention of the recruiters for a while. Many candidates try to keep looking for an opportunity with better and improved perks and facilities. And as the focus of organizations is mainly on obtaining a better skill set whenever available, this trend is to catch fire quite soon.

There is already a spike being seen in the usage of tools like social media to encourage collaboration and help in communicating with this certain breed of job seekers. One can very soon expect the companies to have quite a different set of strategies for such job seekers in the future to come.

You too can use these tips and ensure that you hire the best of the talent out there for your required skill set. While some might work and might not but then, you would only know the best fit for you only when you try.

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