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For years now, “Millennials” have been flooding the market looking for jobs. At the same time that scores of millennials are applying for your open positions, they’re also in the unique position of being the largest customer-base for many businesses.

So while companies tailor their products to the demands of the younger generation, they will also need to tailor job descriptions to fit with tech-savvy millennials.  

To address these trends, businesses are beginning to align talent acquisition with business strategies. This means recruiting millennial staff to grow your millennial clientele at the same time. In short: you want more millennials to buy your products and use your services?

Hire more millennials.

Here are 4 strategies for attracting the right people who will best complement your company culture. And how they can, in turn, help you pivot your company toward a more profitable future.

1. Be Mobile & Social Media Friendly

Millennials were raised in the technological worlds of social media and cell-phone communications. So having a tech-savvy recruiting process is sure to attract young job seekers. With internet browsing happening mostly on phones and tablets, having an application site that conforms to tablets and phones will allow more people to apply via mobile technology.

Also, with 66.7% of job seekers looking for work via social media. They utilize sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to advertise your open positions.

Bringing in these tech-savvy people can also help you maximize communication with your customers. Millennial employees already communicate regularly through various social media sites and can tap into that social listening need. They can also encourage client feedback through processes such as video feedback that your company may not already have set up.

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2. Help Baby Boomers & Millennials Work Together

Because of their unique strengths, millennials and baby boomers can work together to create a positive company culture. Younger employees will work hard to get the job done as long as they have clear expectations of what to do. How to do it, and how to progress within the company. Millennials like to move fast and can lose interest easily if they are left to just “figure it out.”

Have baby boomers manage millennials by setting concrete goals. Provide plenty of feedback as millennials thrive on feedback. Let them know what is required to move to the next level. Developing this trusting relationship will allow for new ideas and training to transition smoothly from the millennials to the baby boomers without discord.

3. Create an Engaging Work Environment

Though an environment that offers challenges to think outside of the box, fun activities, and creative recognition is the perfect atmosphere for millennials, this can also be energizing for workers from other generations.

Millennials will gravitate towards companies that offer opportunities for growth and that are engaging in a creative, and challenging, way. Allowing for diverse dialogue within the company can inspire all workers, regardless of their background, and create opportunities for millennials and others to collaborate on like-minded proposals.

4. Live Your Brand & Company Culture

They are seeking a brand and culture that they can really get behind and support. Be honest about your business endeavours and cultivate a genuine culture that aligns with your values as a company. Recruiting techniques that appeal to millennials may bring them in, but if they were merely tactics to hire and not part of the company culture, millennials will not stay.

Live your brand through the way you treat your customers. Encourage millennials and other employees to be brand ambassadors dedicated to providing to the clients exactly what your company has promised. Giving them this charge and the freedom to be creative with it will not only attract their applications but help retain them as employees, too.

So, they may be part of a new generation, but still value the importance of communication and authenticity. Though it may be through different methods than you’re used to. If you are true to your brand and make yourself available through new technology, hiring millennials can happen at the click of a button.

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