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With the heat of the competition turning up in the digital sphere, it has become all the more important to make use of cutting-edge technology to gain an edge over your competitors.

To ensure that web applications serve their intended purpose while offering a great user experience, it is important to make use of development tools that can accommodate these features.

At present, MEAN Stack is emerging as a technology that offers a highly competent JavaScript framework.

MEAN is a free, open-source platform for creating dynamic web applications and it is widely being used for developing the latest web-based applications.

MEAN stands for:

  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • AngularJS and
  • Node.js

A large number of developers are enrolling for the MEAN Stack web development course to stay up to pace with the recent developments and make use of the powerhouse that is MEAN. It enjoys great favor for the development of mobile apps, which are a call of the present given that internet users are shifting to mobile devices.

Some of the main reasons why you must undergo MEAN Stack web development training are:

1. Uniformity at Client and Server Ends

Using MEAN, you can make use of similar JavaScript between the client and server end. This isomorphic nature allows the developer to switch between the front-end and back-end without the involvement of a third-party server.

Due to Node.js, developers can open and run the application directly on the server. This feature cuts down on the requirement of specialists or masters of other languages.

The time required to code in the different languages also gets saved. With MEAN stack, all you need is a JavaScript expert who can oversee the complete project from one end to the other.

2. High Flexibility

Given the involvement of three solid JavaScripts, MEAN stack offers a high degree of flexibility. Most importantly, as has been mentioned earlier, the usage of JavaScript throughout the project also ensures efficient code development.

For example, if you have written your code in Node.js environment and would prefer switching to the AngularJS framework instead, the process is seamless over MEAN. Thus, you no longer have to make drastic changes to the code. 

3. Compatible with Cloud Technology

Cloud-based technologies have been gaining prominence of late. Thus, it is important to make use of cloud integration in your web applications.

MongoDB adds a strong database system that is built to operate on the cloud. Integrating the database with the cloud allows cluster support over multiple servers and also enables automatic sharing.

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Thus, you can even develop, test, and maintain your codes on the cloud, which saves disk space and makes it greatly accessible. Additionally, once the application has been developed, you can easily host your application directly on the cloud.

4. Budget-Friendly

Startups and small businesses find it even more crucial to make their mark in the digital space. However, such enterprises are normally faced with financial restraints that may act as a dampener.

In such a case, MEAN Stack will come to their rescue. MEAN a Stack is open-source software, which means that its technologies are available at no extra cost.

Additionally, given that MEAN makes use of a single language throughout the project, you no longer have to hire teams for various units. The company would need to hire a JavaScript specialist who can take on the task.

Such a strategy would not only save the company’s time and money but shall also make good use of the business resources as you can hire the best expertise in the development field.

5. Ideal for Real-Time Applications

Whether you are looking to develop a new and trendy social media platform or a stock trading dashboard of a broker – real-time applications have started to gain a stronghold in terms of popularity.

MEAN makes use of single-page applications (SPAs), which bypasses the need for periodically refreshing the web pages as a response to service requests. Thus, you can include quick changes in real-time without constant page updates. The transformation will be subtle and elegant rather than appearing clunky.

As a roundup, MEAN offers great benefits to developers. The availability of expansive libraries and online community support makes it easy for even novices to get onboard.

Further, MEAN technology is constantly evolving and improving to cater to its user base.

Several businesses are looking for MEAN Stack developers owing to its efficient and cost-effective nature. Thus, as a developer, gaining MEAN technological skills will set you apart.

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