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With the new year in full fruition, you may be looking for a better job that allows you to grow and mature as an individual. However, although you may feel like you are the one in the spotlight during an interview, there are plenty of benefits to doing your own research about the company you plan on interviewing with ahead of time.

By looking into some of the job prospects aspects that make this company what it is, you can rest assured that the company is a quality fit for you or prevent yourself from wasting time on a company you know will not help you to improve or won’t respect you in the long run.

There are hundreds of things to take into account for job prospects but some of the most crucial elements to a good company include their culture, their self-reflection, their customer appreciation, their opportunities for advancement, and their wages depending on the job at hand and the market they fall in.

1. Do They Have a Quality Company Culture?

Company culture may seem like something that isn’t all too important when looking for a new job opportunity, however, this can actually show you whether or not they care about their community, their health, the well being of their staff, and the retention of these employees.

A company that cares about their community often cares about the people they hire more than a company that chooses to opt-out of community involvement.

On top of this, by volunteering with nonprofit organizations or local charities, you can grow as a company and learn to respect your fellow co-workers on a more personal level which creates stronger bonds between co-workers and their bosses alike.

In fact, some companies have even made an immense impact on their community and helped countless individuals in the process. For instance, a company in Miami called MV Construction built a Habitat for Humanity home as a group and were able to give it to a local family in need.

These kinds of volunteer opportunities in job prospects can create lasting memories and allow you, as the employee, to feel like you are making a difference both in and out of the office.

2. Are They Still Finding Ways to Improve?

If the company you are thinking of working for think they already have everything figured out and don’t need to improve in any way, this is probably a good sign that this company is not the kind of place you want to work for. Often, businesses that believe they have it all figured out actually don’t but are completely and totally against listening to changes or improvements.

When working for one of these companies, you may find yourself begging them to make improvements that you think would significantly enhance their productivity and getting very little in return.

Companies that understand the room for success in their industry typically are easy to spot as these kinds of companies are aware of the fact that metrics drive maintenance and operational success in the workplace.

Companies that understand there is always room for improvement pay attention to their performance and track it so they can find ways to increase their productivity, put in place successful maintenance strategies, and turn their weaknesses into strengths one step at a time.

When you speak to a company such as this about ways they can improve, they will typically welcome the suggestions and, through this, you and the company will grow together.

3. Do They Care About Their Consumers?

A key factor in a company’s success is the way they treat the people that buy their products or services. Companies that don’t care about their customers will not take the extra time to improve their products or services and ensure they are giving their consumers the best of the best.

The major problem with this is that companies that do not take this time often create angry customers that you and the other employees wind up dealing with on a day-to-day basis and can sometimes even wind up dealing with messy court cases regarding money reimbursement or even injuries sustained from using the products.

It’s not easy to admit when you are wrong or when a product you create is not up to par, but the companies that do take the time to ensure product satisfaction or recall products that aren’t safe are the ones that understand the benefits of caring about your customers. In the end, their support can turn even the worst recall or big mistake into a minor setback and a thing of the past.

4. Does the Job Help You Move Forward?

Finding a new job isn’t always about how great the position you are applying for is. Sometimes, looking into the advancement opportunities of a company can be a wonderful way of ensuring that you are actually growing as a person and being given the chance to move forward in the company towards bigger and better things.

The best way to find out if this company has quality advancement opportunities is by looking online to see reviews from past employees and also to check their page for any employee information they may give. These tools can allow you to discern whether applying and working hard for such a company is worth it or not and save you the time and energy that training for job prospects you actually don’t want takes.

5. Does the Job Pay You What You’re Worth?

Lastly, knowing your worth is a very important aspect of finding a new job. If the company is looking for a particular job title you’ve never had before, looking up that job’s average wage can help you to determine whether or not the company understands the market and respects its employees enough to pay them what they are actually worth.

If a company is underpaying, it may be smart to address the fact you would want a higher wage from the start to reduce your chances of wasting time and energy on a company that is not open to wage negotiation yet underpaying its staff. Knowing this information can help you stay ahead of the game and also appear well-informed even if you aren’t.

Finding a job that fits you can seem like a complete and total flip of a coin with so many choices to pick from but, by using these simples “job filters,” you can stop wasting your time with cheapskate businesses and know-it-all bosses alike.

After all, the new year is here so why not have a career that embraces the best aspects of you and helps you to enter 2017 as a more successful and more mature individual overall? So, best of luck and research your job prospects. 


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AJ Earley is a small business owner, chef, and freelance writer from Idaho. She has shifted careers several times in her life and enjoys helping others navigate the world of career change. She also loves traveling, especially when she can bring along her cat Buddha.

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