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Recent years have witnessed a sea change in the paradigm of an ‘ideal job.’ Although there is a circle of full-time job supporters, they secretly wish for breaking free from it.

Despite the juicy cushy paycheck, there is a constant threat of the impending doom. Without any notice, you might be hauled befuddled into the meeting room with the HR, with the sudden need to redo your resume.

Topping all of it are the uncertain market conditions, mismanagement on the companies part or change in the company motives which can make you pack your bags and leave the building empty-pocketed.

There is a misconception among people that freelancing is either just a side gig or done only when you are stripped off of a real job. But only the freelancers are aware of what a sweetener it is in life.

The freedom of being your boss, director, and the financial manager is unmatchable. The 9-5 full-time job is considered as social security, but what kind of social security deems your future and position in the hands of a stranger from a personnel department who might ask you to pack your bags at any moment.

Let’s delve into how the ‘independent professionals’ or the freelancers relish the freedom without wagering their income and stability in life.

But before that, there are two essentials things to consider:

  • There is a saying, “not ventured, nothing gained” which sets perfect here. Freelancing won’t be easy at first. It takes time even if you have to adjust to a new job. There won’t be overnight changes, so you need not get scared or demotivated. Like every other thing in the world, it is not a smooth There will be speed breakers before you finally press the accelerator and zoom away.
  • If you enjoy your 9-5 job, you should abandon the idea. It isn’t for you, and not everyone should jump on the ferry. It is for those who are tired of the strenuous full-time job and desire to start their own

Now let’s get cracking!

1. You Set the Digits to Your Vault

Here is the veritable part of the whole bargain. Freelancers have the liberty to set their prices to ensure they are being paid fairly for the amount of time, effort, skills, and services they offer. There is no middleman to put a ceiling on your earnings.

You earn as much as you work. You can turn down the project in case you are not satisfied with the wages since you have the authority to set your rate before you get into the project.

In the regular job you climb up the ladder slow, or you have to do work on extra projects before you hear the glad tidings of a promotion.

Freelancing gives you the power to change things that do not fit your vision.

2. Work from Your Own Space 

Home Office

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The other attractive feature of the deal is, you can work from anywhere you want at any time. You can work from your home or create your own working space that comforts you.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. You can easily shift houses or cities, and work won’t be an obstacle.

3. You Tip the Tables by Firing Your Customers 

The regular rat race demands you to be slavish to your customers. They are always right and have to be kept happy at all times. Yes! Even if what they are talking is gibberish.

As an employee, you are supposed to tolerate them until you pass them off or leave them. But if a contract bounds you then you have to put up with them forever!!!

As a freelancer, you aren’t shackled to anyone. You can write down your terms and conditions and leave working for the disrespectful ones. In case of a contract, you can add the terms of early termination to avoid bad situations.

Such situations include:

  • Late payment or no payment at all
  • Incomplete information on projects
  • The occurrence of a mishap or any natural calamity deeming it impossible to complete the task

4. You Are at Liberty

The 9-5 job allows you no place to escape when you don’t feel like doing an assignment. Being a freelancer unhooks you from the submissive behavior.

Although the struggling ones should not turn down any projects, once you have a stable source of income you can say ‘No’ to a project. You can choose a project that fits right into your interest, career, and lifestyle.

5. No More Burn-outs

Rat Race

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A regular employee has to work his fingers to the bone, no matter he is drowning under the load of work, making him vulnerable to burn-out. It is difficult to perform well but such things are not considered in the workplace. But as a freelancer, you can hit the brakes as soon as you think you have reached your limits.

6. Job Security 

When signing a contract, we are blind to the threat of being kicked out at any time without any reason, which is wrapped by the glistening and gleaming basic novelties.

As a result, any instabilities that arise in the company might put our position at stake. You can lose your entire income in one go sending you down to start things from scratch. It is more heart-wrenching to see your income which supports your whole family evaporate overnight.

A freelancer writes his terms and conditions which are negotiable. You have the edge over the clients and can make adjustments. You are free from all sorts of crises. You might encounter an economic downturn, but that will be the same even if you are a regular employee. Therefore, you cannot claim the regular job to be any safer than freelancing.

7. Your Efforts Will Rightly Pay Off 

As a freelancer, you are the master of your destiny. You will be paid for the amount of work you do with no one to take off the profits. A regular employee works blood, sweat, and tears before he is entitled to a bonus and it takes years for a promotion.

A freelancer, the moment he starts taking up work and works hard, he sits on a honeycomb sucking at the sweet taste of success.

The Word

Freelancing sounds all the fun, that is not the case though. Everything demands your attention and dedication for it to prosper. But the advantages certainly outweigh the drawbacks. You work as much as you are willing to and the sky is the limit!

NO more morning blues to fight. You can take off work and go on vacation more often. And what’s more, if you are not one who can be bossed around and ushered, freelancing is undoubtedly for you.

Digital Nomad

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But remember, good things take time to happen. Once you have made the decision and are ready to take the leap, bear the hardships with patience before the cash starts pouring in. It all boils down to one thing: FREEDOM.

Freedom to create your ceiling and work the way that best gives you the chance to showcase your skills and win over your clients. If you love your work, you don’t have to work a single day, you look forward to every single day!

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