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Android phones have more than a billion users. This is because Android is not linked to any specific hardware. Google has made the platform programmable on any compatible hardware. This has given rise to a new breed of programmers – the Android Developer.

If you are in two minds as to which programming platform to learn, it has to be Android. The demand for android developers is huge and you can be sure of getting a huge salary based on your experience.

Also, you can freelance anytime once you have gained enough knowledge on the programming platform. Resources are abundant on the web. This will no doubt help you if you get stuck in any part of the programming.

You might want to become an iOS developer instead-but trust me Android has more reach with the masses. And, unlike iOS, Android can be developed on a lot of different hardware. This has led to the rise of lesser-known mobile phone manufacturers who have made it big time with the launch of their Android phones.

Jobs are, therefore, in plenty for an Android developer. You just need to be good in troubleshooting and you have another alternate career ready for you i.e. repairing of damaged Android phones.

If you are looking for more reasons to choose Android development as your career, then you can go through the following infographic made by RMSOFT Academy, an Android training institute in Kolkata.

It is titled “12 Awesome Reasons to Choose Android Development as Your Career” and will open up your eyes on some aspects of Android development.

Awesome Reasons to Be an Android Developer (Infographic)

Infographic Credit – Rmsoftacademy.com

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