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The digital age has brought along a myriad of new occupations and opportunities, opening doors for people around the world to do the things they love and actually make a living from it.

With the rise of web entrepreneurship, an artist can live from their art by catering to a global community just as well as a local merchant who can expand his or her business to cater to international customers or expand their local business.

The possibilities for success are endless, as we are truly entering the golden age of entrepreneurship.

1. The Global Market

When you become a web entrepreneur, the global market becomes your playground. Albeit, you can decide to cater to a certain local community as well – being a web entrepreneur is about freedom of choice.

With access to the global market with a push of a button, you are able to potentially reach millions of people worldwide who will want to experience your brand. Think about it, what’s there to stop you?

By stepping into web entrepreneurship and reaching a vast audience, you can easily create a steady stream of income, while being able to constantly grow and improve your business in order to set and achieve even higher goals.

On the other hand, the local market is also thriving under web entrepreneurship, with individuals creating trusting local businesses and getting invested in the local community, all from their laptop and home office.

2. Do the Things You Love

Do you love pottery? Or writing? Or making music? Just sell it all online!

Whether you’re selling knowledge, products, or services, it doesn’t matter; the internet enables you to turn your passion into a successful business. In the past, it was very difficult to make a living out of doing the things you love, but now, people all over the world are embracing technology and creating their own brands.

3. Little to No Initial Investment

One of the best things about venturing into web entrepreneurship is the fact that you might not need as much initial investment as you might if you were to try and open a traditional company. With a vast array of services, tools, platforms, and software for you to choose from, it can be quite inexpensive to start your online company.

There are plenty of careers you can start for little or no money, such as a blogger, virtual assistant, web developer, coach, affiliate marketer, and much more.

4. Ecommerce is on the Rise

With the rise of online shopping trends, entrepreneurs all over the world are getting into drop-shipping and wholesaling, thus catering to a global market and increasing their profit and revenue streams. If you want to be an online merchant and sell your own or someone else’s goods, then now is the perfect time to start an e-commerce business.

You can grow a personal or a company brand, deciding whether to sell things near and dear to you or if you want to create a store that has something for everyone. The Ecommerce world allows you to personalize the appearance of your store, grow your traffic, and even aid in generating conversions faster – the possibilities are endless.

5. Multiple Empires

The web enables you to create multiple revenue streams. Working a nine to five job doesn’t leave much room for other business ventures and more often than not, you are stuck with the steady income the job provides.

Successful entrepreneurs and businessmen around the world realize that, in order to experience true financial security and independence, you have to develop multiple income streams, preferably a passive source of income.

Generally speaking, passive income means that you create a product or a service, and it continues to generate income indefinitely after launching the product.

After you’ve created and established one online business, you can use the generated revenue to invest in creating another business, possibly in a different industry – this automatically creates two income streams, allowing you to pursue yet another entrepreneurial goal.

In our digital age, there is a growing number of opportunities for web entrepreneurs. With a never-ending demand for content, products, and services coming in from around the world, you can rest assured that the time and effort you’ve invested into launching your online business will be fruitful and produce a brand people will know and love.

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Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. His fields of expertise are company management and efficient work environment through latest technology trends, as well as internet marketing. He is also an editor in chief at bizzmarkblog.com.

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