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“Google: I know everything,

  Facebook: I know everyone,

  Internet: Without me, you are nothing

  Electricity: Keep thinking, wait till I go”

Well, truly said, technology is incomplete without electricity.

Every building has a functional electric system with wirings and control systems. This allows people to use lights, electric appliances, and machinery that makes their personal and professional life easier and more comfortable.

Electrical failures in residential and commercial properties are show stoppers. They need to be addressed immediately and that too by a skilled electrician. Read here on when to call an electrician in London

Understanding the importance of electricity, it is equally important to have electricians. Getting qualified to work as an electrician is a lucrative career opportunity.

Electricians know all the ins and outs of designing and installing the electric system. It could be rewiring or installing a power system in commercial premises, or street or shop lightings, they are the best subject matter experts.

Contact details of electricians are always in easy to access location. Power failure due to the technical issue is not a welcome situation.

Imagine you come home on a cold night and the room heater is not functioning or dryer is not working on a rainy day. Failure in electricity requires immediate attention as it might be fatal and cause long term damage to the appliances.

Electricians play a major role in setting up the home, factories, and commercial premises. They are trained and are aware of the wiring structure, installing, maintaining and repairing the electrical setup process.

Let’s take a look at some of the points you need to know and understand before you think of becoming an electrician.

Educational Requirements

Depending on the type of electrical tasks that you want to work with you can pursue your training. For example, if you want to work with domestic setup, then there is a different course and if you want to work in factories and commercial setup there is a special diploma for the same.

An apprenticeship is also advised to get hands-on training and work in a real environment. It allows you to get hands-on training working alongside a skilled electrician while learning the theory at a  local college or institute.

Ideally situated for people below 25 years and are ready to commit for a minimum period of 2 years.

However, if you are beyond 25 and are looking for quick knowledge, opting for level II and III diploma courses is recommended. Often the institutes provide apprenticeship along with diploma courses to help you get hands-on experience.

Duties of an Electrician

With every job, there is a certain pre-set of responsibilities. Before you decide to take being an electrician as a profession do go through the duties of an electrician.

  • Install and maintain wiring, control, and lighting systems
  • Read and understand the blueprints and technical diagrams
  • Identify electrical problems that might occur in future
  • Ensure that when called, the checks are in-depth and properly resolved.
  • When working for a new setup, the electrician needs to ensure that the wiring is in line with the state and regulations set by the government.
  • Keep yourself updated on how to use the various tools and gadgets used in different processes.
  • Maintain the overall site for any electrical issues that may arise.

Why You Should Become an Electrician?

1. Challenging Work  

Working with electrical issues is a challenging task. It is unpredictable and needs quick attention. Quick thinking and analyzing is what makes you troubleshoot a problem quickly and provide the optimum solution for the same.

Every day is a new task and a new solution identification process. Often you might come across the same issues and at times you might have to understand and analyze the problem from the installation process.  

2. On the Move & Flexibility

As an electrician, you would need to be always on the move. Your work would take you to many parts of London city. Electricians work on call and have free time when not off the field.

However, the difference here is that the free time won’t be fixed. At times you might need to visit a client during night hours. Hence, you need to be prepared for the same.

3. Lifelong Training

Electricians learn the most during their work tenure. The experience is evident when someone interacts with a seasoned and experienced electrician as compared to a fresher.

Every electrical issue is unique in some way, and your experience and knowledge together make it possible to find a resolution.

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4. Training Courses Available  

There are a variety of courses that are available for training as an electrician in London. From basic to various stages of advanced courses you can select the one that suits your current skill sets. You are also provided with assistance for opportunities of apprenticeship.

5. Comfortable Salary

As per the annual survey of hours and earnings are done by the office of the national statistics, it has been concluded that the electricians are one of the highest-paid jobs in London. This survey is conducted every year since 2014 and the results are shared in November.

Take a look at the below graph which shows the salary of an electrician as opposed to other professionals.

6. Makes You Socially Responsible 

Your job as an electrician helps you in avoiding electrical related accidents. You are committed to providing the best of services at the quickest time. Failure in electrical appliances causes disruption in someones daily tasks and you tend to resolve it at the earliest. Your job is more than a  job, it is similar to social responsibility.

7. In Demand

The demand for an electrician would never reduce, it is a constant requirement.

For every electrical appliance or industry that sets up, commercial set up the need for an electrician is bound to arise. Lesser the number of electricians more the demand for the same, this is one of the select few occupations which won’t have to face recession.

8. Social and Friendly Person

As you interact with people you become more friendly and social. Your friend circle grows and thus business prospects too. You would also understand and sympathize with the problems faced by people when an electrical emergency occurs.

9. Your Own Boss

It is easy to set up a business and become an electrician. All you need is your tools and a list of contacts to begin with. You can work the hours you want and the days you want. However, it is important to be flexible and readily available in the case of an emergency event.

We hope this blog helped you in understanding the importance and the benefits of becoming an electrician. This is an ideal option for people looking for a secure and well-paid career option.



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Gilles Octave works for RE Electrical Services, a company that was established in 2003 and since our inception, we have been providing electrical services in London.

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