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One of the most favorable aspects of being a writer is that you can write about ANYTHING you want, you don’t need to suppress the urge to speak up and to reach the world, touch people’s lives and get yourself heard. Your words are your voice. People die but words, they live traveling from ear to ear, door to door and country to country until they touch the edges of the world only to reverberate indefinitely.

If you are deeply, madly, irresistibly in love with writing, there is no reason not to be a writer and opt for freelancing. Well if you are someone who is looking for motivation to leave this rat’s race and cut loose from a 9-5 job to make a foray on your dream life, here‘s the push that will help you take the leap.

1. Love What You Do

If you love writing and know that you bleed words, this article is especially for you. I can already sense a peculiar feeling in the pit of my stomach, as if I can see that invisible strand tying us all writers together, making us transparent to each other’s emotions. I don’t do personal, but this is PERSONAL, for those in battle with their dreams and what is expected from us. For me freelancing is a dream that quenches the flames of your desire and pays your bills too.

Although I myself am new to it, with barely a years’ experience, I have come across people who earn a fortune from freelancing. Most of us get impatient at the beginning with meager earnings if we have initially met the established ones, but then great things require patience and pain. Nothing beautiful has ever been crafted unless it is sifted through the sieve of time and pain to become a refined artifact.

We, humans, are like a snake nibbling at its own tail; it won’t be long before we reach the end. At that moment when we will reflect back on our lives, will you be able to leave with a burdened soul that you were not able to do something you were so passionate about just because you were afraid to make the huge change? You couldn’t face the fear and risk of moving from a stable job to something that SOUNDED of instability?  

2. Be Your Own Boss

The ticking of the clock doesn’t determine the course of your actions, and you don’t even have to be answerable for that to anyone. You don’t have to do someone else’s bidding. You can go for projects you are comfortable with and complete them within your own time frame.

Fretting over submission dates and time, fulfilling someone else’s goals at the expense of your own, acquiescing someone else’s decision just because you fear to lose your job? All this would be a thing of the past

Select the niche you think you will be best at and begin your journey. Your erudition will find its way through your writing. Make your own rules and play by them. Collaborate with clients all across the world, and even if a client leaves you, there will be more waiting in line.

Don’t panic you won’t be FIRED!

3. Travel As Far As You Can, For As Long As You Can

If I am asked about my dream job, I wouldn’t think for a second before shouting out loud “TRAVEL WRITER.” If you are like me, whose eyes glisten and sparkle while talking about it, “hey! Welcome to the club!”. 

Man in Suit on the Beach

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Being a freelancer comes with a multitude of advantages, among all of them this one is my favorite. You can write wherever and whenever you want. Travel around the world and pay for your adventures simultaneously. It helps you in gathering up experience and adds on to your collection of ideas.

Write in the midst of nature enjoying the serene and breathtaking views or in a cozy coffee shop. The boisterous, bustling, crazy places, the magnificent scenery, all will be reflected in your work precisely, in the same manner, you will portray.

Take a vacation when you feel like recharging yourself up!

4. Explore Your Strengths

With the right time management or schedule, you have drawn up for yourself you get ample of time for self-development. You can focus on other things too. You get time to make yourself a priority. Take up a sport, look after your health, or spend time with family. Try out new things and venture into things without the fear of emptying your pocket.

With freelancing, you get to learn a lot, and no wonder a person remains a student for his entire life, making mistakes and learning throughout, and there is no shame in it. With insight into many new subjects and topics of the world, you might get to know what you really want to be or what is it that you are good at without you even knowing of the hidden skill all this time.

Being a Freelancer would give you enough time to focus and work on your inner self rather than hidden somewhere between the stack of files unaware of the fire burning within.

5. Bread And Butter

As a freelancer, you control how much you earn!

If you are an employee, there is a limit to your monthly earning with a few bonuses here and there, despite the mountains of work you have dealt with. If you want to increase the number of figures in your monthly income, you are probably hoping against hope or trying to push your luck way too far.

With freelancing, once you know your market return, it is easy to earn as much as you want simply by WORKING that much. That is you get paid for what and how much you do. No one puts a limit on your earning or a mediator dampening your value.

Highly Paid Developer

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The feeling of getting the job done and being paid for it every day is unmatchable. A piece of advice-Treat every client equally. The quality of your work should not be affected by the amount he pays you. A lot of fame is earned by the spread word and recommendations. Besides, if it’s a passion you have to respect it too otherwise, it’s an insult to one’s own self.

Before you cross the bridge to become a freelancer and quit your 9-5 grinding job, make sure you have your customers ready and waiting for you. This way you don’t have to worry about being left with nothing. To be cautious which is pretty understandable one has to be prepared at all times before making such a life-changing and huge transition, make sure you have some savings from your previous job. Start off with writing about your favorite niches and with time you will become a writer who can write about any topic in the most compelling way.

You will be relieved of the pressure to satisfy everyone, and your words will become your voice. You can end up being a best-seller if that is what you have dreamt of.  

Albert Einstein Quote

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To sum up, let nothing come in between your dream and continue to pursue it. If you aren’t happy with what you do, it will affect your performance which will be conspicuous not only in your work but also in your behavior. Others would get a say in the quality and of work you do, but at the end of the day, it’s you who has to decide what you want to be.BE YOU, and that will be enough.

 Open the latch and let the bird spread its wings and fly!

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Zoe Lucas is a freelance blogger who loves to write on different niches and is always anxious to travel, her passion for traveling is making her work as a content lead at SolturaTravel!

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