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Yes, telecommuting or working from home has its perks, for instance, you can manage both work and family. And you can work according to terms and conditions. But there are a lot of reasons, which will not be helpful in longer terms.

Many freelancers love to be at home and enjoy their career, and some of them really miss working outside. After visiting a lot of freelancers who are working on many projects simply from their home spaces, we are here with this post.

We have noted their opinions and their specific cases, and we are here with the following 5 Reasons against Starting a Work-at-Home Career.

1. Communication Difficulty

Many people who are in a freelance career admitted that poor communication affects both sides equally. The freelancing is totally based on effective communication, and if you and your client have some barriers, then you may not satisfy him with your skills.

Hence if you are working in a firm or company, you can deal with such situations more effectively. If you cannot handle this gap, then you must work with someone or for a company which can handle such issues and career will grow with more opportunities. Edubirdie, a venture for freelance writing is an exception here as they manage this gap very well.

2. Difficult Management and Maintenance of Accountability

When you are handling a big team of freelancers from your home, then the time management and maintaining accountability is a big issue. The clients need their work done on time, and you cannot afford to lose them if your employees are not permanent.

 Working from Home

This is one of the biggest reasons to go to the office to work. Join a full-time office or create one for your team so that you can check the progress. A permanent employee enjoys a permanent salary, and you will be assured that no deadlines will be missed.

3. Payment and Logistics Issues

If you are working on a project, then payments do matter. Freelance working is highly dependable on the salary issues as when you are in a stay at the home career you have to meet expenses. These expenditures of yours and remote team of your freelancers will be paid only when you get money on time.

End of the workday

If you are in outsourcing, then Time zone is another important issue you have to work on, communicate and get paid by your Client’s time zone. But when you are working on a schedule you are not going to face such issues. Complete the projects on time and get paid on time

4. Family & Other Distractions

Cats on the Bed

When you are busy with your stay at home career, you have a lot of things to take care of. Either these are kids or your pets; they need constant attention from their guardians and owners. This fact directly affects your productivity as you cannot give proper sitting and proper attention to your work when your mind is filled with distractions.

You cannot forget about the sources of entertainment. You need to control your temptations. Otherwise, you will be in trouble.

5. Almost No Socializing Opportunities

Like many other cons of a stay at home career, the last one on our list is a lack of Socializing Opportunities. When you are in a workplace either it is your home or a firm you must need to interact.  We are social animals and making friends helps us best it stressful situations.  To achieve a boost in a career you need to handle different situations.

Socializing at Work

A strong back of your team and friends will help you to excel. When you are working from home, then you are missing this advantage and also the healthy competition from your co-workers. Celebrate every success with your team and be a part of their happy/sad moments at work.

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