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These tips will work for anyone who has just scored a new job or for those who are still looking for employment. It is important to make a good first impression at your new workplace. Your first impression will determine how others view you and it could be positive or negative.

​It takes time to build relationships at a new job, but it does not have to be threatening in any way. Here are my tips for being ready for your first day at work.

1. Attitude

Before anything else, it is important to have a positive attitude about starting work. I know a lot of people are nervous and scared, but try and cover those feelings up with a smile. It is a bit intimidating, but you will soon learn to fit in and will be comfortable in no time.

​ No one likes a negative individual and you are going to walk through those doors as a team member.

2. Appearance

You want to present a professional appearance when you show up at your workplace. Even if you are required to wear a uniform, you can still be neat and clean. If you look at resume writing services prices, you do not want to go back to being unemployed.

​It is said that someone will form an opinion about you within 7 seconds. This is powerful and you should use it to your advantage by dressing as professional as you can.

3. Be on Time

This is the one day when you cannot afford to be late. In fact, you should try and always be on time, but let’s just discuss the importance of this on your first day. I know that life happens and things come up, but you should do all you can to be at work on time.

​Pay attention to the patterns of people at work. It’s usually the successful ones who are there on time and most of the time they are the last to leave. Show that you are committed to making this work.

4. Take Notes

There will be an orientation session and you want to gather as much information as you can on your first day. If you take notes, you are able to go over those on your commute home or once you reach home. Do not think that you are going to remember everything that is said.

An Office Desk

​You do not want to come back the next day and ask questions that have already been covered. This is an easy way to be perceived as unorganized. You do not want to be searching for cheap resume writers again, so give this all you have.

5. Stay Away from Gossip

It is so easy to get into office politics on your first workday because those who are unhappy at work will be the first to try and catch you up on office gossip. Stay away from these people or merely try and avoid talking about other people in the office.

​You are not here to make friends, but to do your job. There is nothing wrong with trying to be friendly, but you just want to avoid being caught up in the drama in your early days.

6. Be Confident

You got this job because someone saw potential in you. Do not underestimate and exude an attitude of confidence at all times. A good way to do this is to greet everyone in a friendly manner and wear your smile as if it is in fashion to do so.

​Be yourself at all times as there will be people who will relate to you. Try and spark conversation with your fellow co-workers and keep it to professional conversations.

7. Ask Questions

This is the time when you should be asking as many questions as you can. Do not be afraid of sounding ignorant and keeping your questions to yourself. By asking the right kind of questions, you can also present yourself as someone who is simply trying to add as much knowledge about the job as possible.

​Just keep in mind that you should always listen to the answers and make notes so that you don’t repeat yourself the next workday.


Everyone has butterflies in their stomachs on the first day at school, college, university, and work. You could always go write resumes for money, or you could grow in your career (unless your job is to write resumes). Show that the recruiter or employer did not make a mistake in hiring you, by being as professional as you can.

​Do the best you can at all times and stay organized during your workday. Before you know it, a month would have passed and you will be an integral part of the office team.

​ Remember that confidence is definitely the key to your success. Good luck on your first workday at work and show them what you are made of.

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Ashley Johnson is resume expert and she knows resume writing service prices because she works as a content manager at CheapResumeWritingServices.net. She believes that the best way to achieve the goal is to work hard and do not give up in any situation. Ashley life motto is “Do what makes you happy”.

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