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A lot of people go down the retail route without thinking correctly whether the career is right for them. And then they might struggle to hack the job meaning they are back on the job hunt sooner rather than later. After all, it can be a lot harder than you think to be in a customer service role.

​But for some people, they find the fast-paced work highly rewarding, and they love chatting to the customers. Therefore, you need to consider all aspects of the job carefully before going down this job route. In fact, here are some things to think about before going for a job in retail.

1. Do You Mind Working Flexible Hours?

The first thing you need to know about retail is it’s no 9-5 job. The hours are varied so you could be starting very early, or you might even be working late into the evening. The shift patterns are likely to vary, and you are more likely to get time off in the week rather than the weekend. After all, it is likely to be the busiest time at the weekend.

​Some people like to work flexible hours. After all, they can fit it around the other person of working age in their household. Therefore, if you have kids, it can be easier to deal with childcare if you are not both working all day.

​Working different shift patterns can also be useful if you currently do other things like studies during the week. After all, you can ensure you are not restricted when it comes to the rest of your life.

​ Therefore, make sure you are ready for these flexible hours before you apply. That way, you won’t be left in shock if you have various shift patterns!

2. Do You Like Talking to Customers?

While some people prefer to work independently, there are others who thrive working around people. They love being able to speak to people and getting to know about them. And these kinds of people would love to go down the retail route. After all, if you head down this sector, you will find that you will have to speak to a wide range of customers on a daily basis.

​You can’t hide away from them as providing excellent customer service is likely to be part of your role. At the end of the day, you want to ensure they make a sale, so will have to spark up a conversation to get them to check out with items. It can be tough dealing with customers. After all, they will not always be in the best mood when you have to face them. If they are upset with the company, you will have to deal with the situation delicately to ensure you don’t make things even worse.

And this can be tough to deal with on a daily basis. So make sure you consider whether this is something you can handle before you apply for a retail job. And it’s always worth thinking through a couple of tough scenarios with customers before you go for the retail interview. After all, they are bound to ask you about how you would deal with certain situations. So some prep in advance is how you can start your Dollar General career almost instantly and other retail jobs. After all, you will impress them by answering the questions clearly when you make the interview!

3. Are You Good at Handling Cash?

For a lot of retail jobs, you have to be on the till for the majority of the day. After all, you will be helping customers to check out with their purchases. So you will have to scan the items and ensure they pay before leaving the store. Therefore, you need to enjoy working with money if you want to head down the route of retail. After all, you will have to work out the cost of purchases and any change that you will need to give them.

​While till can often do the hard work for you nowadays, you still need some simple cash handling skills to ensure you make transactions as quickly as possible. It’s worth brushing up on your basic maths skills before you go for an interview. After all, they might ask you about money management when you apply for the job! And you need to ensure you tell them you are happy to deal with money on a daily basis to give you a chance of getting a role in retail!

And you need to make sure you do some research about a store before you apply there. After all, you need to have some knowledge, so you aren’t clueless when customers ask you about products in the store.

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