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In this era where the competition is tight, being a manager in a particular company is not easy. The Manager is the leader responsible in engaging, monitoring, training, motivating, reinforcing, guiding, planning, and building the groups in the department. Just miss a single thing, and your work and position will be in jeopardy.

The role of being one in the management team is not a ticket to a higher pay with less work nor a road to power trip those who are under your leadership. Stepping up and leading a group of people in the company needs a lot of courage. Put in mind that no one will recognize and respect you if you’re not doing it right.

It’s not new to us that talented and skilled employees will only follow a leader who encourages them to grow and one who can make them a better person. With that in mind, we have cited some of the most common qualities of a leader that every employee would love to work with and develops the best in people.

1. You provide clear and precise directions 

One quality of an inspiring leader is his or her ability to provide clear and direct instructions. What happens is they eliminate everything that gets in the way of the employee to make sure the work is continuous.

They make the process, resource discovery, and keeping all interruptions out of the road. An effective leader gets one’s head around the employees’ issues and problems and makes sure to sort things out for the workers’ benefit.

2. You produce future leaders 
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Talented and skilled employees care a lot about the future that’s ahead of them. And to do that, they need a leader that would help them take that path and would lead them to that goal.

Therefore, a leader that every employee would love to work with will aid his or her people in understanding how the business works by presenting every single part of the operation that will serve as an upskill for them.

Whether you like it or not, their tasks right now will not last forever. Change is constant (even at work). A great leader will let the workers climb the mountains of challenges just like he or she did. Employees will only do work whole-heartedly if they love what they are doing and if they feel that their career is growing.

3. You devote your personal attention when your team needs it


There will surely be times when your people will struggle in getting the work or project done. And a passionate leader will not fall into the mistake of ignoring them. Instead, he or she will devote his or her time in listening to them. He or she is most keen in mentoring and training their associates.

The leader is knowledgeable enough to know that negligence of duty will only produce a failed project, inactivity as a leader and disengagement to the employees. He or she offers regular suggestions and advice as he or she knows that the best employees are those who are hungry for honesty and does not like sugarcoating.

Those who are born to lead communicate to their people in a personal way, treating them as their friends. They also care so much that they intend to let their subordinates feel the sense of belongingness and suggest things that they need to do for them to perform better.

4. You know how to listen


There’s a thin line between those who are born to be great leaders and those who are good ones only. And that thin line is their willingness to learn new and challenging things. That willingness within those who are great leaders is the thing that differentiates them and makes them excel in their field.

They are voracious in asking questions, and they never settle for mediocrity. They use their abilities wisely and are quick to recognize that change is an opportunity to take more learnings. The fastest road to losing your credibility as a leader to your peers is when you lose grip of the current issue and to show less or worse, no interest in solving it.

Passionate leaders are always up-to-date, and they do not fear setbacks and criticisms that will help you in the long run. They don’t hold grudges against anyone, and they do not discourage their coworkers when they commit mistakes. What they do instead is they focus on finding a solution to move forward.

To make the long story short, real leaders know how to take in feedback and put their plans into action. And even when they fail sometimes, everyone knows that their voices reached their leaders’ attention and the process that they have undergone was just.

5. You provide ownership to your people

Those who are passionate enough to lead a crew give their people the freedom to do the work in their way. They don’t stand beside them just to dictate every single thing that their workers need to do because doing this will not help them over time.

They are not too strict, and they know that their employees need to test, learn, discover, and fully understand the whole process. They do their role as a facilitator by asking probing questions and by providing enough guidance. In other words, they know how to give them space for them to look for solutions when problems arise.

Because of the trust and provision that they provide, they make sure that there is an improvement. What do they get in return? LOYALTY and RESPECT.


As what is in the introduction of the article, being a manager, leader or facilitator, is not easy. But by exercising these qualities that we cited above, you’re giving yourself a guarantee that you’re doing your job well and many people in the office love to work with you. Thus, making the incredible project possible.

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