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Your career takes up a massive chunk of your time. If you spend 8 hours at work daily, you will clock in over 90,000 working hours in your entire lifetime. And if you started working at the age of 25 and retire at the age of 65, you will have spent 40 years of your life working. This does not count the number of years you have spent studying and preparing yourself to enter the workforce.

Given the facts above, you can conclude that you will spend the majority of your life building your career. You have about 40 years to achieve growth and success in your chosen profession. Within that period, you wouldn’t want to get stuck, so you must constantly seek out opportunities to advance your career.

Today’s work landscape is changing. As technological advancements emerge, the skills and competencies required of employees are changing as well. Employers, more than ever, are looking for highly capable individuals who can meet the demands of a dynamic work environment.

Advancing your career is not only a personally rewarding endeavor but more importantly, it will help you meet the ever-changing demands of your industry. Be at the top of your career, achieve your goals, and push yourself to success with these tips:

1. Understand Your Career Mission

Know your career mission by heart. As an employee, it will help you understand your work and the skills and outputs expected of you.

On a deeper and more personal level, your career mission will serve as your guidepost in everything that you do career-wise.

2. Map Out Your Career Plan

What do you want to achieve in the next five years? How about in the next ten? What do you need to do to achieve your goals within the timeframe that you have set?

Developing a career plan will help you envision your goals and identify the necessary steps that will help you achieve them. Moreover, a career plan will help you create your own definition of success.

3. Invest in Yourself

You are your biggest asset. Engage yourself in value-adding endeavors such as attending personal development seminars, enrolling in a class to learn a new skill, and participating in industry-related conferences.

Develop your talent,s not only to advance your career but also to contribute to your personal growth.

Advance Your Career

4. Never Stop Learning

Highly successful people are those who commit themselves to lifelong learning. To keep up with the changing demands of work and continually improve your skills, always be on the lookout for valuable learning opportunities.

Advance Your Career

Research on the competencies relevant to your industry and look for professional courses that will give you an edge in the competitive world of work.

5. Assess Your Performance

To help you identify your next career step, it is important to know where you are currently standing. Talk to your boss or a trusted colleague and try to gauge your current job performance.

Take note of your accomplishments and identify the perennial setbacks that you encounter to have a clear idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

6. Make Connections

Build your network and gain valuable professional connections. Cultivate your social circle by joining professional organizations, attending training and seminars, and volunteering at fundraising events.

These activities are not only venues to grow your professional network, but also endeavors that will add value to your resume.

Advance Your Career

7. Always Put Your Best Foot Forward

A significant part of your success will depend on how you present yourself to your clients and employers. Branding is not only significant to companies but individuals as well.

Refine your professional image to build credibility in your industry. Polish your resume, even when you are not actively looking for a new job. Be mindful of your online presence and make sure that your online profiles are consistent with your professional image.

8. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Yes, you read that right. Achieving success in your career also requires a bit of fun. You are at your most productive when you are well-rested and energized. You cannot pursue your career goals if you neglect well-being, so take the time to relax and have fun.

Having a Drink

9. Just Say Yes

Banish self-doubt and learn to say yes to opportunities that matter. Even with a beefed-up resume and the right professional connections, you will not advance in your career if you are not bold enough to say yes to valuable and timely opportunities.

When presented with a life-changing career opportunity, set your uncertainties aside and just say yes.

Your career is your life’s work. If you are dedicating almost your entire life to build a meaningful and successful career, you might as well pour your heart and soul into it.

Be proactive and take your career advancement into your own hands. Let’s discuss more career-advancing ideas in the comments below!


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Jomel Alos is a Content Strategist at Guthrie-Jensen Training Consultant. He’s obsessed with TV shows about designing like Tiny House Nation, Forged in Fire, and Ellen’s Design Challenge and eating burnt bacon

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