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Risks are something that most people try to avoid wherever possible, but sometimes in life, the worst happens whether we like it or not. Working in a job of any kind involves a certain degree of risk-taking, so being prepared is the best way to deal with any disasters should they occur.

Even if you have just worked in a single job role or career field throughout your entire life, it is worth evaluating and preparing for any negative situations you can envisage arising.

1. Be Prepared for Any Eventuality

First and foremost, you should have always had a contingency plan in case anything should happen to go wrong in your career. Probably the most common of these is finding yourself in a situation in which you are no longer able to work, or you suddenly lose your job without warning.

All you can do is to get yourself into a strong financial position to deal with this change, and also build up a network of contacts so you are in a better place to find other opportunities quickly. Another potential risk is getting involved in an accident at work.

Whether it actually takes place in the workplace itself or is an accident on the road, making sure you have appropriate insurance and the number of an injury lawyer should be a priority to avoid career disaster.

2. Focus on Building Skills

As you progress through your career, you should always be aiming to build up your skills so you turn yourself into a commodity that is desirable for more businesses.

The more skills you have, the more likely it will be that you quickly find employment should things go wrong in your current job role. Building up your skills is also a way in which you can progress through the career ranks so it makes sense for you to keep doing this.

3. Build Your Professional Brand

Today’s world is built around the creation and preservation of strong brands, so you should work to build and cultivate your own. Creating strong profiles on platforms like LinkedIn is a good starting point, as this puts you in the strongest position to learn about new opportunities and showcase all your skills.

Personal Brand

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You should also be looking to create a polished resume that you have ready to send out in case you suddenly need to start applying for new jobs. As well as this, you should also be looking to impress in your current job role so that you have a strong reference when it comes to getting the next one.

4. Develop a Network of Contacts

Having a wide circle of contacts that you are able to call on is something that you should be aiming to build up throughout your career. If a disaster strikes such as your company suddenly goes under, the more people that you know in your field, the more chance you have of finding a new position quickly.

These four methods are a great starting point for protecting yourself against a career disaster should it strike at any time.

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